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Move-In Day


We have assigned move-in days and times for new and returning residents to minimize traffic congestion on campus and in the residence halls. Starting on July 18, please check your Arrival Passport via your Housing Portal and follow your assigned move-in window to reduce wait times and ensure a smooth move-in.

Unloading and Check-In Logistics

To help reduce wait times and keep traffic flowing, the unloading drop-off locations near residence halls are limited to 10 minutes. Unload your vehicle in 10 minutes or less and then relocate your vehicle to long-term parking. Honoring the unloading zone times helps out your fellow Terp families and residents by allowing them the chance to unload near their residence hall. Thanks for your cooperation!

aerial view of cars parked in loading/unloading zone in front of a residence hall during moving day

Unloading Zone/Parking

  • Print your unloading/loading zone permit before arriving at campus and display it on your dashboard.
  • Enter campus, make your way to your residence hall or service desk, and temporarily park your vehicle in the marked unloading zones for move-in.
  • Unload your belongings curbside within 10 minutes and then move your vehicle to long-term parking.
student retrieving key from service desk during move-in

Check-In & Room Key

  • Check in at your service desk and receive your room key(s).
  • Return curbside to help gather and bring belongings to your room.
    • * We recommend bringing your own moving cart or dolly to assist with transferring items to your room.
  • Unpack and set up your room!

Steps for Checking In To Your Residence Hall

We recommend bringing a dolly/moving cart and two move-in helpers to assist you – one to wait with your items curbside and another to move your vehicle from the unloading zone to long-term parking. 

Our amazing Terp Welcome Crew volunteers will be ready and waiting to greet you, provide information, and retrieve available moving carts.

Fall Welcome

seven students posing with TERPS signage at the Big Show in the football stadium event during Fall Welcome

Join our Fall Welcome program for a fun introduction to campus life! Make connections, find community, and take part in traditions.

From check-in to the day before classes start, enjoy a variety of special events like movie nights, trivia, yoga, and fairs. Be involved! So many Terps to meet and so much to learn!

Move-In FAQs

We will begin releasing residence hall assignments for Fall 2024 on July 18.

If you are unable to arrive during your assigned move-in window, that's ok! You are welcome to move in anytime after 4 p.m. on the day of your arrival.

Once we begin the move-in process, our residence hall desks are open 24 hours each day to assist. Please keep in mind that we have additional staff and resources available during assigned move-in dates and times to welcome new residents and to assist students in the process. Moving in as close to your assigned time will also give you more opportunities to engage in planned activities and welcome events.

New student dining plans start at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 22, 2024. 

Returning student dining plans start at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 24, 2024.

The request for an early arrival will be available on the Housing Portal after assignments are released. Room readiness will determine if an early arrival request will be approved.

We can only accept items to the buildings after your arrival. Any items shipped before your arrival will be sent to our central receiving location off campus.

More Info

What to Pack

Pack light and only bring the essential items you need, like bedding, bathroom supplies, and small room items.

Items to Bring

Bed Lofts & Fridge Rentals

Students can rent bed lofts and refrigerators, including MicroFridge units (fridge/freezer/microwave all in one), from Collegiate Marketing, Inc. and, respectively.

Vendor Information

Roommate Relationships Tips

Learn how to create a healthy roommate relationship with tips we call the "4 C's" of campus living. 

Connecting with Roommates

Contact Us

We’re here to help! Email us at or call (301) 314-2100 with any questions about the move-in process.

Contact Us
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