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Before Move-Out

group of resident assistants and resident director posing at a service desk with a dog on the counter

We hope you had a fun and memorable time in the residence halls this past year! 

As you prepare for the end of the semester, please review the important information below regarding residence hall closing and move-out.


In the month before move-out, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Purchase cleaning supplies, moving boxes, packing totes, trash bags, etc.
  • Start taking personal items you no longer need home now.
  • Know your exam schedule so you can plan to clean and pack ahead of time.
  • Determine who will be responsible for cleaning shared or common spaces in your suite/apartment. Some RAs will ask you to fill out a Closing Checklist & Agreement in advance of finals.
  • Clean in advance of your departure date.
  • Bring your hand truck or dolly from home (yellow carts will be limited during move-out).
  • Contact storage facilities early to arrange for storage of your belongings over the summer if you are unable to take them with you.
  • Forward your mail by going to a local USPS location and completing a Change of Address form. You cannot use the USPS website to forward your mail.
  • Remember to update your online subscription addresses (i.e. medication, magazines, food, Amazon, etc.) before moving out.

Other Preparations

students working at their desks in residence hall roomIt is your responsibility to clean your room/suite/apartment. 

Your RA will review the Closing Checklist & Agreement with you and your roommate(s) to discuss responsibility for cleaning the different common areas in your unit. It will be used to determine responsibility for damage and cleaning billing. You may request a copy of this document from your Resident Director.

If the form is not completed, charges for lack of cleaning or damages will be evenly split between all residents.

room in Pyon-Chen Hall with typical furnitureAll personal items must be removed at time of departure. Unwanted carpets, electronics, and refrigerators must be taken to marked locations near the dumpsters outside the residence halls. Failure to remove all belongings will result in charges billed to your student account.

Students who used tools to disassemble their beds and turn them upside down to make their bed taller, MUST put the beds back in the original arrangement.

If you rented a bed loft and/or refrigerator, a representative will pick up your product after the residence halls close. 

stack of amazon packagesTo avoid having mail or packages returned to sender, you should fill out a hard copy Change of Address form at a USPS location

Remember to change your online subscription addresses (i.e. medication, magazines, food, Amazon, etc.) before moving out. 

Late Stay & Graduating Seniors

Graduating seniors, international students, and those transitioning into summer on-campus housing can submit a Late Stay Request in their Housing Portal. Other students requesting a Late Stay will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Late Stay requests for certain halls will be limited due to the need to clean and prepare spaces for summer guests.

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