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Summer Housing

two students with handmade signs welcoming new Terps during move-in

We invite students taking Summer Session courses to stay in one of our single or double-bedroom apartments on campus. Each apartment is furnished with air conditioning, carpeting, full kitchens, and utilities. Students receive a twin-sized bed, mattress, dresser, desk and chair, private telephone line, and separate data and cable lines.

Students will need to bring their own telephone, computer, television, desk lamp, cooking utensils, pillow, linens and all other personal household items. Laundry and vending services are centrally located within the community.

Summer Housing Fees

Session Date Fees
Interim Housing* May 21 - May 31 $237.44
Session I only May 31 - July 8 $1,424.64
Session II only July 11 - August 19 $1,424.62
Sessions I and II May 31 - August 19 $2,849.28
Maryland English Institute June 6 – July 22 $1,628.16
8 Week Session Only May 31 - July 22 $2,018.24

* Interim Housing: Spring semester on-campus residents who register for Session 1 may request to move directly from their spring room assignments to summer session assignments.

Additional Information

Rooms are available from May 27, 2023, two days before the start of Session I classes, until August 18, 2023.

We encourage students to apply early to reserve their space on-campus.If the number of students requesting summer session housing exceeds our capacity, we use the following housing priority:

  1. Session I and II registrants
  2. Session I only registrants or Session II only registrants
  3. All other registrants. (Please Note: Students registered for Session I-A and/or I-B must sign up for six-week Session I housing to receive priority for summer 2023 housing. Students registered for Session II-C and/or II-D must sign up for six-week Session II housing in order to receive priority for summer 2023 housing.)

Students who submit the Summer 2023 Residence Halls Agreement forms early will receive priority consideration for single rooms, roommate preferences, other assignment preferences and interim occupancy. We will then consider housing agreements based on their date-received order until all available rooms have been filled. We will send students an email notification of assignment, which will be available 7 to 10 days prior to the start of your Summer Session classes.

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