May Move-out 2017
May Move-Out
  Students must check out of their residence hall within 24 hours of their last final exam or by no later than 7:00pm on Friday, May 19.

Only graduating seniors may remain in the residence halls through commencement, but must check out by no later than 7:00pm on Monday, May 22.

Please read through the information below related to residence hall closing and move out.

Important Information
The Following Must be Completed in order to Properly Check out from the Residence Halls
Failure to meet any of these criteria will result in an improper check out fee being billed to your account.
  1. All belongings must be packed and moved out by the checkout deadline.
  2. All trash and debris must be removed from the room/suite/apartment and placed in exterior dumpsters. Please be sure to place recyclable materials in the appropriate recycling containers. If you have donations for the Trash to Treasure program, please make sure to drop them off at any of our donation stations throughout the residence halls prior to your departure.
  3. Room/suite/apartment must be completely cleaned and returned to original check in condition.
  4. Residence hall room keys must be returned to the appropriate service desk on time.

Planning ahead for move-out now can help avoid problems and being billed!

Follow these Steps to Avoid Being Billed
  1. Complete a Closing Agreement with your roommate(s) to ensure that responsibilities for moving out are clearly identified.
  2. Thoroughly clean your room and suite/apartment before you leave.
  3. Check out on time.
  4. Remove all trash, debris and all belongings from your room/suite/apartment by the checkout deadline (24 hours after your last exam or by no later than 7:00pm on Friday, May 19; graduating seniors by no later than 7:00pm on Monday, May 22).
  5. Return your residence hall key(s) to your Service Desk on time and before you leave campus. Failure to do so will result in a lock core change being initiated and your student account billed.

Important Dates

Date Information
Thursday, May 11 Last day of spring semester classes
Friday, May 12 Reading Day
Saturday, May 13 – Friday, May 19 Final Exams
Friday, May 19 Residence halls close at 7:00pm
Saturday, May 20 College & Department Commencement Ceremonies
Sunday, May 21 College & Department Commencement Ceremonies
Monday, May 22 College & Department Commencement Ceremonies

What Can you do Now to Prepare for May Move-Out?
  • Purchase cleaning supplies, moving boxes, packing totes, trash bags, etc.
  • Start taking personal items you no longer need home now – don’t wait until May.
  • Know your exam schedule so you can plan to clean and pack ahead of time.
  • Don’t leave your cleaning and packing until the last minute.
  • Bring your hand-truck or dolly from home. It will ease and speed up your move-out process.
  • If you live in a suite or apartment, don’t forget about the bathroom, kitchen, and common room when you’re cleaning.
  • For out-of-state students, contact storage facilities early to arrange for storage of your belongings over the summer.
  • Talk to your roommate(s) about how your will manage any of the shared or common spaces in your room/suite/apartment.

Late Stay Request Form

30 Minute, Move-out Unloading/Loading Permit