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Apartment and Suite Living

What makes the apartments and suites so popular?
Besides being the closest to most classrooms and faculty offices, and providing the autonomy that comes with living off-campus, part of what makes these on-campus housing assignments so attractive are the amenities they offer: seasonal air conditioning, wall-to-wall carpeting, solid oak furnishings, 3-5 bedrooms and 1-2 baths for 4-8 students, wireless Internet access, and separate data line and cable tv connection for each student.

What are the apartments like?
Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, furnished living room/dining room, at least one bathroom, and usually four bedrooms for six students. Garden-style apartments for about 625 students are in the Leonardtown Community, behind Fraternity Row and about a 10-12 minute walk from most classes. Apartments for another 350 students are in the South Hill Community near the Chapel and South Campus dining room. Apartments for 100 students in the Language House living-learning program are in St. Mary's Hall.

Because all apartment units have kitchens, residents of apartment units are not required to participate in a campus dining plan. However, many apartment residents choose to purchase a dining plan or a Terrapin Express account. More information is available on the Department of Dining Services website.

How are the suites different?
Suites are like apartments, just without the kitchen and dining room. Each suite has a furnished living room, 1-3 baths, and 3-5 bedrooms for 4-8 students. Suites for about 1,000 students are located in the South Hill Community near the Chapel and South Campus dining room. Because suites do not have kitchens, cooking is prohibited in these units and all residents are required to participate in an approved dining plan.

Facilities Overview

Your unit is carpeted in the living room, bedrooms, and hallway. The bathrooms (and kitchen areas in apartments) have tile floors. You and your roommates may wish to bring a broom, dustpan, and vacuum from someone's home or share the cost of buying a new one. If your carpet or furniture gets stained or spotted, you can try warm, lightly soapy water or commercial carpet cleaners for minor spot removal immediately after the spill occurs. For more serious stains or spills, please immediately call our 24-hour work request number, (301) 314-9675, to ask for professional assistance before the carpet or furniture is permanently stained. You'll need to bring a wastebasket and a recycling container for your bedroom and trash bags to line the small trash can we provide in the bathrooms. Each suite and apartment is provided with 1-2 larger recycling containers for glass/plastic/metal as well as mixed paper. You must carry your trash and recycling to the nearest outdoor dumpster. Outdoor receptacles for recycling are located next to the trash dumpsters. Resident Assistants will work with suite and apartment residents and will lead a discussion to create a cleaning schedule for residents to maintain the unit, especially the kitchen and bathrooms.

Please note: Residents of suites may not bring or use cooking appliances other than a microwave, coffee maker, and popcorn popper with an enclosed heating element.

Your unit's bathrooms have fiberglass shower stalls and a Corian counter and sink. We provide shower curtains and distribute toilet tissue at no charge from your service desk. You'll need to bring non-abrasive commercial cleaning products, bowl brushes, paper towels, and bathroom sponges for use on showers, medicine cabinets, mirrors, toilet bowls, and other fixtures. Please do not use acid bowl cleaners, steel wool, or other products that would damage the surfaces on our fixtures and walls.

Please do not use commercial drain openers; if your drain becomes clogged, we prefer that you call (301) 314-9675, for the assistance of a professional maintenance staff member.

Your apartment's kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator, range/oven, sink with disposal, and cabinets. You will need to provide pots and pans, cooking and eating utensils, dish-drying drainboard, and cleaning accessories such as kitchen sponges, dish detergent, oven cleaner, oven mitt, etc. You'll need to provide "large kitchen" trash bag liners to fit the trash cans we provide in kitchens.

Sharing an apartment or suite means learning to safely use electricity without overloading circuits. Typically, the circuits in each room are rated at 20 amperes. If you overload a circuit by having too many appliances in use at the same time, you may experience a loss of power. If you are using your computer at the time of power loss, you could lose the work you have done.

Microwaves, hairdryers, and small coffee makers should not be used on any circuit which habitually trips your unit's circuit breakers. Should this happen, you should redistribute your appliances and equipment or avoid using so many items at the same time. It is best to have just one of these three items in use at any given time.

You should not bring extension cords. Multiple outlet strips with built-in circuit breakers are recommended. These usually have four to six additional outlets in one metal or plastic unit with a heavy-duty cord. If you ever have a power loss in your room or unit, immediately call (301) 314-9675.

  • Wastebasket for your room, trash bags
  • Multiple outlet power strip with built-in circuit breaker
  • Non-abrasive commercial cleaning products for bathroom
  • Flashlight, battery-powered radio, extra batteries
  • Toilet bowl brush
  • Wastebasket and recycling container
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Paper towels, sponges for bathroom cleaning

Commercial washers and dryers for residents' use are available in the Leonardtown Community Center and on the ground floor of Harford Hall. These locations are available to Leonardtown and South Hill residents 24 hours a day during each semester and at posted hours during University recesses.

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