Sustainability in the Residence Halls
In Your Residence Hall
Save Water
  • Take shorter showers, ideally five minutes or less. Try getting wet, then turning water off or down while you soap and scrub, before turning water back on (or up) to rinse.
  • Turn faucets off while you brush your teeth, shave, etc.
  • Wash full loads of dirty clothes and use cold or warm water to save water and save on energy needed to heat water.
  • Call (301)4-WORK (301-314-9675) to report water waste from dripping faucets, showerheads, etc.

Save Energy
  • Turn off lights as you leave bathrooms, hallways, study rooms, lounges, laundry room, etc. Most such spaces have at least one light fixture that stays on all the time for safety reasons.
  • Keep air conditioners in study rooms and floor lounges in their "energy conserve" mode so they will shut off when desired temperature is reached.
  • Minimize your purchase and use of disposable glass, plastic and paper containers. Buy and use products in containers that can be reused and/or recycled.
  • Turn off air conditioners in study rooms and floor lounges after last use at night.
Manage Waste
  • Place facial tissues, paper towels, food scraps and similar waste in your trash rather than flushing these materials down a sink or toilet (requires mechanical or chemical removal by waste water treatment).
  • Use green laundry detergent and other green cleaning products (look for a product that is readily biodegradable, phosphate-free and made from plant- and vegetable-based ingredients).