Sustainability in the Residence Halls
When You're Out and About

  • Purchase CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) or LEDs (light emitting diode bulbs) for your desk and floor lamp rather than incandescent light bulbs or halogen/torchiere lamps.
  • Choose energy efficient ENERGY STARĀ® electronics and appliances if you buy a television, laptop, computer monitor, Blu-ray or DVD player, printer, audio system components, lamp, or small refrigerator.
  • Eat-in whenever possible. Limit use of disposable cups and food containers to those items you carry out of the dining room or restaurant. Always use glass/dishware when you can.
  • Use the recycling bag provided in traditional halls or bins provided in suites and apartments for your personal use. With single stream recycling you do not need to sort your recyclables. You'll carry your recyclable items from your room to recycling containers located in hallways in traditional halls and outside to the recycling dumpsters for students residing in suites and apartments. South Campus Commons residents will find single stream recycling containers in the trash room on each floor.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to avoid having to buy water.
  • Bring a backpack or reusable shopping bag for your books, water bottle, snacks, etc.
  • Recycle corrugated cardboard boxes that you bring to move-in day.
  • Encourage others to make "reduce, reuse and recycle" their everyday habit.
  • Buy green cleaning products for use in your room, apartment or suite.
  • Donate unwanted clothes, electronics, bookcases, bicycles, carpets, small appliances, etc. at year's end (watch for donation drive info, or call local Goodwill Industries or Salvation Army for pick-up or drop-off).