Rights and Responsibilities
Other Resident Life Procedures and Guidelines
Soliciting/Posting Procedure

Resident Life is willing to post a limited number of signs or flyers in residence hall lobbies and/or common areas regarding the programs, information, and services of registered campus student organizations. However, for safety and security reasons, we do not provide residence hall access to anyone who wishes to post information.

  • Campus organizations must have their posters approved and distributed for posting by the Resident Life Assignments Office in 1102 Annapolis Hall.  A representative from organizations should bring an original copy of the flyer to the office to be stamped for approval. The representative will then need to make copies with the approval stamp on them and return them to the Assignments Office.  The office will then distribute the posters/flyers to our service desks for posting in lobbies/common areas.
    • Please note that if the representative brings all of your copies, the representative will be required to stamp those copies in the presence of Assignments staff if they are able to be approved for posting.
  • Once approved, campus student organizations should provide 40 flyers total to the Assignments Office to ensure common area/lobby coverage in all the residence halls.  Posters/flyers should be brought in to the Assignments Office for approval and distribution at least one week prior to your event in order to best ensure that they will be posted in time.
  • No postings of any kind may be placed on exterior or interior walls, doors, columns, or on the ground, sidewalks, benches, signs, or lampposts in and around the residence halls.   Any improperly placed or unapproved postings will be promptly removed by residence hall staff.

Door-to-door, telephone, and other personal solicitations are prohibited by all persons, whether students or commercial salespeople. Problems should be reported to your Community Office or to the Resident Life Assignment's Office at 301-314-2100.

Spare Key & Spare Swipe Check-out Limits
  • A spare room key may only be checked out by the resident of the room.
  • A spare building entry swipe may only be checked out by a resident of that building.
  • Spare keys or swipes may only be checked out for 1 hour. If you have lost your key or UID, please inform your service desk. You may hold on to the spare key and/or swipe until your locks have been changed or you have obtained a new UID.
  • If you do not return your spare key by the due date/time, or you have lost your key, your locks will be changed. Spare swipes not returned by the due date/time will be deactivated.
  • There is a fee for lock changes and deactivated spare swipe cards. These fees are charged directly to your student account. Check with your service desk for current fees.
Visitors and Guests

Visitors should notify you of their arrival prior to entering your residence hall building. Call boxes are located outside of most buildings. From the time that they enter the building, your visitors are your responsibility. These steps are important for ensuring a safe and secure environment. With the exception of Cecil Hall, which has limited visitation hours, residents may have guests visit in their room, suite, or apartment 24 hours a day, as long as their roommate(s) agree. Other provisions for visiting hours may vary. You and your guests are expected to be respectful and considerate of other residents and your roommate's(s') study and rest.

There are several guidelines used to address problems that may occur:

  1. Residents are held responsible for the behavior of their visitors and guests.
  2. Residents must get the prior approval of their roommate(s) in order to have a guest stay overnight.
  3. Guests may stay in a resident's room for no longer than three consecutive nights, always with the roommate's(s') prior approval.
  4. Any individual who does not have a valid Residence Halls/Dining Services Agreement or South Campus Commons Lease is not allowed to reside in a University housing.
  5. Residents may be held financially responsible for damages caused by their guests.

Limited Visitation Halls

Cecil Hall has limited visitation hours for male guests. Visitation is restricted Sunday through Thursday nights from 11:00pm to 8:00am, and Friday/Saturday nights from 1:00am to 10:00am.