Resident Director Position

My Resident Director role here at UMD has given me the opportunity to engage in the development of the Maryland student experience outside of the classroom. The most meaningful part of my job is building relationships with my staff and students that help them grow as members of society. I have been with the Department of Resident Life since 2006. I stay because the professional staff is like my family. I have always felt that we care about taking care of each other just as much as we care about our students. My growth as a professional is due to the investment of my colleagues who allow me to take chances in trying new initiatives for community development and encourage me to work with other departments on campus projects.

Lisa Alexander - Resident Director at the University of Maryland

Lisa Alexander
Resident Director for Oakland Hall

The Resident Director position here at the University of Maryland has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. It has provided me with several opportunities to continue exploring a variety of areas that are a part of the student affairs field. From the first day that I started here, the professional staff has all been so welcoming and helpful in my transition in working at a large public university. My supervisor has been helpful in providing me with the opportunities to explore and work with different staff members within the Department of Resident Life. Coming from working at a small, private, liberal arts college, UMD provided me with the responsibilities of managing a larger residential building and supervising a larger staff of Resident Assistants. The staff of Resident Assistants is a very engaged group that strives to make the residential experience the best it can be for their residents. On a daily basis, I am impressed with how this group of RAs always strives to meet the expectations of the department, my expectations, and the expectations that they set for themselves. I am looking forward to all that the Department of Resident Life has to offer to further develop my passion for the student affairs field. At the end of the day, I strive to make a difference in the lives of my students, and this is exactly what UMD has allowed me to do in my time so far.

Jordan Adams - Resident Director at the University of Maryland

Jordan Adams
Resident Director for Elkton Hall

My favorite part about being a Resident Director at the University of Maryland is the opportunity to come to work and pursue the things I most enjoy. I am currently co-chairing our RA training planning committee, serving on the RD search committee, and advising area council, all three of which help me finely tune the professional skills I'm most looking to build at this stage of my career. This is on top of being able to develop meaningful relationships with my student staff and the residential community at large.

The ability to build close relationships with my colleagues and supervisor means that I get to bring my whole self to work. We celebrate one another's accomplishments and support one another both personally and professionally. The Department of Resident Life has been and continues to be an excellent place to nurture the beginning of my career in student affairs!

Coty Behanna - Resident Director at the University of Maryland

Coty Behanna
Resident Director for Allegany, Baltimore, Frederick,
Howard, and Washington Halls

Being a Resident Director has been such a transformative experience for me. I have been able to grow personally and professionally within an environment that strives to develop its staff beyond the work we do each day. What stands out most to me about DRL has always been the people – I feel cared about as a person, and am able to make connections with people in ways I never anticipated. I feel valued for my unique identity, experiences, and perspectives, and know that I can be authentic within my work and relationships. Leadership also provides opportunities to for me grow as a professional by taking on responsibilities or experiences that may fall outside my job responsibilities to enhance my skills in areas I’m interested in. This commitment to my growth is what has set this experience apart from my other professional roles.

Karlena Walker - Resident Director at the University of Maryland

Karlena Walker
Resident Director for Leonardtown Community