Resident Director Position
The RD Position and Professional Development
RD Roundtable at the University of Maryland

Our Resident Directors serve as leaders in one of our six communities - from suites and apartments to traditional high-rise and mid-rise buildings. Within each community, the Resident Life leadership team is comprised of three or four Resident Directors, supervised by a Community Director, and working in collaboration with Administrative Operations staff, Graduate Assistants, and Resident Assistants. As a primary and critical responsibility, each Resident Director serves up to 700 students and supervises between 8 and 16 Resident Assistants. Most Resident Directors also advise an area or hall council.

Read the full Resident Director position description (pdf).  

At Maryland, you will have many developmental opportunities available to you. Many RDs work with our living-learning programs, connecting directly with university faculty and academic administrators to serve our students. There are also numerous committee opportunities for Resident Directors that cover a broad spectrum of functional areas, such as Staff Development, Community and Leadership Development, Conduct and Safety, and Technology (just to name a few). There are also experiences available to you outside of the Department, such as teaching courses, advising students, serving on division-wide committees and the opportunity to interact with and learn from our excellent student affairs faculty and administrators.

RD Roundtable
RD Roundtable at the University of Maryland

RDs also have the opportunity to participate in the RD Roundtable, established to intentionally and effectively address the professional and personal development of the RD cohort. The RD Roundtable augments and cultivates the professional development of the RD cohort, advances supervisory skills, ensures consistency in practice across campus while respecting the unique nature of individual communities, enhances the quality of life of the RD cohort, and serves as a collective voice for the RD cohort.