Resident Director Position
Major Initiatives and Core Documents

Our department is engaged in numerous initiatives to improve and broaden the experiences of students and staff alike. The following represent just a few of these:

The Maryland Residential Experience
The Maryland Residential Experience at the University of Maryland

Our staff prides itself on providing a residential experience for undergraduate students that is unique among living options and important to student growth and success. The Maryland Residential Experience, which grew out of our departmental On-Campus Student Housing Strategic Plan, is a vision focused on serving the needs of undergraduate students in their freshman and sophomore years and offering those students a housing experience that is engaging, diverse and an indispensable component of their academic success.

Over the next 15 years, the undergraduate housing experience at the University of Maryland will be transformed:

  • All residents will be invited into membership in high-quality learning communities that will support academic success and the path to graduation.
  • Our residential communities will be catalysts for citizenship and student engagement, providing a sense of belonging that will create an unbreakable bond between students and the university.
  • These communities will foster a lifelong love of learning and provide opportunities for students to create networks that will enable their success for the rest of their lives.
  • We will construct new and rejuvenate existing residence halls to reflect and reinforce the Maryland residential experience.

Our newest promotional initiative to educate prospective and current students about the advantages of living in the residence halls encourages them to get the “FACTS” about living on campus. These include:

  • Friendships & Connections
  • Academic Success
  • Convenience & Cost
  • Twenty Four - Seven Support
  • Social Development

Our Community Living Principles

Our Community Living Principles (Be Safe, Be Civil, Be Cooperative, Be Involved) are basic principles that guide each citizen’s conduct and actions to promote the best of what the community has to offer and to teach about what citizens can contribute to future communities. We actively use these principles to guide our citizenship education initiatives throughout the residence halls and regularly integrate them into all our policies and programs.

Multicultural Philosophy

In our active, dynamic multicultural community, we commit to building an environment where we are able to explore our individual differences and celebrate common bonds. Our success in this effort depends on each person’s understanding of their rights and responsibilities. We believe that each individual should feel he/she rightfully belongs, that free thought and speech are encouraged, that dignity is preserved, and that difference is celebrated. Our Multicultural Philosophy is used to integrate multicultural understanding, skills, and experiences into all our departmental efforts, including hiring, programming, welcome activities, advising, training, conferences, and peer dialogs (just to name a few).

Our Customer Service Standards

Our department strives to provide quality services to all our constituencies – students, parents, other staff, other departments, and the greater university community. Our standards (Safety, Courtesy, Efficiency, Presentation, and Education) guide us in making decisions that create a welcoming, consistent, interdependent, and purposeful community.