Promoting Responsible Action
In Medical Emergencies
Promoting Responsible Action in Medical Emergencies

If you are worried about a friend who has been drinking or using drugs, seek assistance! Don't doubt whether you should call for help because of uncertainty about your friend's situation or concern about getting yourself in trouble for underage drinking or illegal drug use. The University has a policy which provides relief from disciplinary action if a student under the influence of alcohol or drugs on campus either calls for medical assistance for a friend or for one's self.

The health and safety of University students is of paramount concern. With that priority in mind students are encouraged to take responsible action in any situation where there is doubt about a person's physical welfare. Students who summon help for themselves or others in a medical emergency will normally be relieved of disciplinary and administrative housing action for possession or use of alcohol and/or drugs and will apply to both the student who summons help and the recipient of assistance. In lieu of disciplinary or administrative charges students will usually be required to complete an evaluation and alcohol and/or drug intervention program through the University Health Center. Read the full text on Promoting Responsible Action in Medical Emergencies policy.

Learn What to Do

Know the signs of alcohol poisoning Call for help Care for someone with alcohol poisoning
  • Passed out
  • Unconscious or
  • Cold, clammy skin, or pale bluish colored skin
  • Slow or irregular breathing
  • Vomiting while passed out and not waking up
  • 911
  • (301) 405-3333
    (University Police Emergency Number)
  • (240) 432-6053
    (Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life Duty Phone)
  • (301) 314-9386
    (University Health Center After Hours Nurse Line)
  • Resident Hall Service Desk Phone Numbers
  • Get your friend to a safe place
  • Monitor breathing
  • Don't leave your friend alone; Stay until help arrives
  • Turn your friend on their side to prevent choking on vomit
  • Find out how much alcohol was consumed, what was consumed, and if any other drugs were taken


If you have questions about the policy please contact the Office of Rights and Responsibilities at (301) 314-7598 or Keira Martone, Manager for Resident Student Conduct,