Overnight Stay Program

It was a really low-pressure way to socialize with the other members of the dorm, because there was the natural question of being able to sit down to eat, and once you have something to do with your hands, the conversation flows more naturally. I met some great people, and it was a really fun night.

I was able to experience what it was like living in the actual dorms for a night.

Just spending time with students and learning more about the school.

I really enjoyed getting a feel for the campus and all of my questions getting answered.

I was most excited about getting to meet and talk to current students at UMD; I had hardly known any before. Essentially, I'm glad I did the program because it gave me a means to hang out with kids at College Park.

I really enjoyed being able to ask my host all sorts of questions and getting a tour of the campus through a student's point of view.

Realizing that I fit in with UMD students.

The overnight stay program is a great way for prospective freshman to get first hand experience of what UM is really like. It also allows them to network with others and get to know people before they attend Maryland.

It was an amazing program and helped me make my decision to attend UMD!