Overnight Stay Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Which prospective students are eligible to register for the Overnight Stay Program?

Overnight Stay Program registration is open to high school seniors who have been accepted to the University of Maryland for fall 2017 or spring 2018.

My son/daughter is a sophomore or junior high school student who is beginning to look at the possibility of attending college. Can he/she attend the Overnight Stay Program?

Spring semester Overnight Stay programs are limited to students who have been accepted to the University of Maryland for fall 2017 and spring 2018. Only current high school seniors are permitted to register and attend Overnight Stay Programs.

Why are high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors not allowed to participate in the Overnight Stay Program?

Our Overnight Stay Program serves as a companion program to Undergraduate Admission's Visit Maryland Days and Admitted Student Open Houses. These programs are structured to give current high school seniors a chance to learn more about the University of Maryland, and in turn, allow the University to showcase the institution to those looking to attend in the fall or spring.

Is there a waitlist?

Unfortunately, we do not keep a waitlist due to the few cancellations we do receive and the fact that these cancellations are usually last minute. We would not be able to notify those on the waitlist in enough time for them to attend the program.

What should I bring?
  • Sleeping Bag/Pillow
  • Toiletries
  • Change of Clothing
  • Towel for Showering
  • Money for Dinner

What time do I have to be on campus? Should I eat dinner beforehand?

Women have check-in at 6:00pm, while men have check-in at 7:30pm. Both check-ins will take place at the Cambridge Community Center. Download campus map. Signs will be posted around campus directing you where to park and then walk to the Cambridge Community Center.

Hosts are not responsible for paying for their guest’s meal. Bring money for dinner as most of the time hosts take guests to dinner with them at the Diner after check-in.

What’s the address for the Cambridge Community Center?

The address is 4232 Farm Drive College Park, MD 20742

What do I do if I am running late and not going to make it on time for check-in?

Call our office (301) 314-4255 to let us know. We then can assure your host that you are coming and that the two of you can meet a little later than expected. If you need help with directions, feel free to call our office as well.

How do students become hosts?

All hosts have to submit an application and then go through a mandatory training session in which we go over safety rules and regulations for the Overnight Stay Program. We also share ways hosts can create a welcoming environment for their guests and be a resource for them about life at Maryland.

How are students matched with hosts?

Most of the time one, but occasionally two, students are matched with a host. We try to match students with current Maryland students who have the major or Living and Learning Program that the guest is interested in pursuing. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to match based on common interests in major or Living and Learning Program.

Please Note: Requests for changes to assigned pairings of hosts/guests will not be granted on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, or other protected classes.

Are there activities planned for the night?

We do plan activities in the evening for guests and hosts. Events vary by stay date, but examples of past events include bowling in the TerpZone at the Stamp Student Union and performances by student groups. However, the events are not mandatory.

What if something happens during the night?

In case of emergency hosts, guests, and guest contacts are given the number (301)-314-2662 which allows them to contact our program director. Resident directors and community staff also have contact information for each guest and host.

Where/when can parents pick up their student?

Hosts will take their guests to the luggage room in the Stamp Student Union where they will leave their bags for the day. Host will then take their guests to where Admitted Student Open House events will start and where they should meet you. Guests should be at their designated Admitted Student Open House location by 8am.

If you are NOT participating in the Admitted Student Open House, we suggest you arrange to meet your student at the Stamp Student Union at 8am. We usually tell parents and their students to meet at the Jim Henson Statue by the main entrance.

What’s the schedule for Admitted Student Open House?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions runs Admitted Student Open House. You may visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions web site or call them at (301) 314-8385.