May Move-out
Frequently Asked Questions
  All residents must check out of their room (move out all of their belongings, return the room to its original check-in condition, and return key(s) to their Service Desk) within 24 hours of their last exam or by no later than 7:00pm on Friday, May 19.

What can I do now to prepare for residence hall closing and move out?

Each resident can do the following to prepare:

  • Purchase cleaning supplies, moving boxes, packing totes, trash bags, etc.
  • Start taking personal items you no longer need home now – don’t wait until May.
  • Know your exam schedule so you can plan to clean and pack ahead of time.
  • Don’t leave your cleaning and packing until the last minute.
  • If you live in a suite or apartment, don’t forget about the bathroom, kitchen, and common room when you’re cleaning.
  • Bring your hand-truck or dolly from home. It will ease and speed up your move-out process.
  • For out-of-state students, contact storage facilities early to arrange for storage of your belongings over the summer.
  • Talk to your roommate(s) about how your will manage any of the shared or common spaces in your room/suite/apartment.
  • During finals, each service desk will have large trash bags available to residents (limit of 5 per resident) and some desks may have a broom and dust pan available for use.

How do I Check Out of My Room?

To check out properly each resident must do the following:

  1. Remove all belongings from the room/suite/apartment prior to the checkout deadline.
  2. Remove all trash and debris to exterior dumpsters.
  3. Clean your room.
  4. Return your room/suite/apartment to original check in condition.
  5. Double-check to ensure you have not left any personal belongings behind.
  6. Return your residence hall key(s) to the appropriate Service Desk and sign check out documents prior to the checkout deadline.
Failure to meet any of these criteria will result in an improper check out fee being billed to your account.

What should I do if I am graduating?

Graduating seniors are allowed to remain in their residence hall until Monday, May 22. Graduating seniors must completely move out and return their residence halls keys by no later than 7:00pm on Monday, May 22.

In suites and apartments, who is responsible for cleaning the common areas?

In suites and apartments, RAs will provide all residents with a Closing Checklist and Agreement. This form should be used by residents of the unit to assign responsibility for cleaning of the different common areas within your unit. If this Agreement is completed and signed by all residents of the unit, the Agreement will be used to determine who is responsible for cleaning/potential damages of the common areas. If the form is not completed, signed by all residents, and returned to the RA, each person in the unit is equally responsible for cleaning/potential damages of all of the common areas. Any charges for lack of cleaning or damages will be evenly split between all residents.

Do I need to be present when my room is being inspected? Do I need to meet/wait for the RA before I can check out?

On North Campus and in the North Hill Communities, inspections will occur after residents have completely vacated their room/semi-suite.

In the South Hill and Leonardtown Communities, inspections will occur after residents have completely vacated their room/suite/apartment. The last resident to check-out of a unit may be asked to do a walk-through of their unit with an RA to ensure that all trash and debris have been removed.

What can I do to prevent being billed after check out?

It is very easy to avoid being billed. If you do not have any damages in your room and you complete the following steps, you should not receive a bill for any check-out issues:

  • Clean your room/suite/apartment and remove all trash and debris.
  • Remove all your belongings from the residence halls prior to the checkout deadline.
  • Return your room/suite/apartment to its original check-in condition.
  • Return your key(s) to the appropriate Service Desk on time.

When will my student ID card stop giving me access (unlocking the door) to my hall?

All UMD student ID cards will stop allowing access to residence hall exterior doors at 7:00pm on Friday, May 19. Graduating senior ID cards will stop allowing access at 7:00pm on Monday, May 22.

If my roommate damaged the room, how do I make sure I don’t get billed for it?

Report any damages to your RA prior to leaving. If your roommate(s) caused any damage to your room/suite/apartment, talk with your roommate and have your roommate accept responsibility for the damage by talking with your RA. Work with your RA to have your roommate put this acceptance of responsibility in writing. If you have questions, contact your Resident Director.

When does the Dining Hall close?

251 North closes for the semester at 8:30pm on Friday, May 12.

The South Campus Dining Hall and Ellicott Diner will close at 3:00pm on Friday, May 19.

Please visit the Department of Dining Services website for additional information including hours of operation for the shops in the Stamp Student Union and other campus locations.

What do I need to do if I am interested in living in the residence halls over the summer?

If you are interested in signing up for summer on-campus housing or have questions regarding summer housing, please visit the Summer Housing website. Please keep in mind that you cannot remain in your current Spring 2017 room assignment for the summer, even if you are currently living in Leonardtown.

Am I allowed to store any of my belongings on-campus over the summer?

No. Due to very limited space and use of residence halls for summer school and summer conference guests, Resident Life does not store belongings on campus. You must move all belongings out of your Spring room assignment by the closing deadline of 7:00pm on Friday, May 19.

For some residents, it may be difficult to pack and move all belongings home for the summer break. Here are some tips and information to keep in mind if you decide to research and use an off-campus storage or shipping service.

When considering the use of a storage or shipping vendor, you might want to ask for additional information. The following are some examples of questions to ask:

  • How long has the vendor been in business?
  • What are the terms and conditions of using the service?
  • What additional fees or surcharges may apply?
  • Is the storage facility climate-controlled?
  • Where will items be stored? How will they be secured? What type of security is provided at the storage facility?
  • Does the vendor provide any references you can contact related to the service they provide?
  • Does the vendor insure your belongings? If so, how much coverage and what are the details? How many claims do they settle each year related to damage, loss or theft?
  • Does your family's homeowners or renter's insurance policy cover items that are shipped or stored?
  • If needed, will the vendor provide you with access to your belongings during the storage period? If so, how is this access provided and is there an additional fee?
  • Have you checked with the Better Business Bureau regarding the vendor's record?
  • What is expected of you related to pick-up and drop-off of belongings? (Keep in mind, vendors are not provided access to residence halls so you should be sure to select a vendor who can meet you in person to pick-up/deliver your belongings.)
  • How will the vendor communicate with you related to pick-up and drop-off of your belongings?

If you plan to return to residence halls for Fall 2017:

  • Do not store belongings that you might need for the first few days after your return in the event package delivery is delayed.
  • If you plan to have items shipped to campus for Fall using a recognized shipping carrier (e.g., USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, DHL), you must arrange for those packages to arrive on campus only after you have returned and checked-in to your Fall 2017 room assignment. Due to very limited storage space, residence hall Service Desks cannot accept packages before your arrival.
  • Before you contract with a shipping and/or storage vendor, confirm that the vendor can arrange to deliver your items to you only after you have arrived back on campus and have checked-in to your Fall 2017 residence hall room. Please note: storage vendors are not provided access to residence halls so you must arrange to meet with the vendor in person to accept delivery of any items you have stored.

How do I get my mail forwarded?

To have mail forwarded, each resident must complete a change of address form with the United States Postal Service. Mail forwarding requests must be submitted online at the United States Postal Service website.

Be sure to do this ahead of time to allow time for the US Postal Service to process your request.

What do I do if I have additional questions about residence hall closing and move out?

If you have any further questions, North Campus residents should contact North Campus Administrative Operations at (301) 226-4830 (0308 Oakland Hall) and South Campus residents should contact South Campus Administrative Operations at (301) 314-7484 (0200 Calvert Hall).