Closing Checklist for Move-Out

Closing Checklist for Move-Out

In order to prepare yourself and your residence hall space for your departure, please complete the following checklists prior to your departure from campus.

  • Purchase cleaning supplies, moving boxes, packing totes, trash bags, etc.
  • Start taking personal items you no longer need home now.
  • Know your exam schedule so you can plan to clean and pack ahead of time. Packing typically takes 5-6 hours, at minimum.
  • Determine who will be responsible for cleaning shared or common spaces in your room/suite/apartment.
  • Clean in advance of your departure date.
  • Bring your hand-truck or dolly from home (yellow carts will be limited during move out).
  • Contact storage facilities early to arrange for storage of your belongings over the summer if you are unable to take them with you.
  • Forward your mail by going to a local USPS location and completing a Change of Address form. You cannot use the USPS website to forward your mail.
  • Print out the Move-Out Unloading/Loading Permit (pdf).

  • Clean your room/suite/apartment. (Including your kitchen and bathroom where applicable.)
  • Return your room/suite/apartment to original check-in condition.
  • Remove all trash and debris to exterior dumpsters.
  • Leave your rented bed loft and rented refrigerator in the room (if applicable). Please empty and clean the refrigerator, throw away unwanted items in the outside dumpsters, and leave the refrigerator plugged in.
  • When actively loading, move vehicle to a designated loading zone (do not block fire lanes).
  • Display the Move-Out Unloading/Loading Permit on your car dashboard.
  • Remove all your belongings from your room/suite/apartment. Don’t forget your bike!
  • Ensure you have not left any personal belongings behind.
  • Close and lock all windows, close blinds/shades, and turn off all lights.
  • Close and lock your door(s).
  • Check your mailbox for important documents. Your mailbox combination is located in the Housing Portal.
  • Return your residence hall key(s) to your Service Desk. Late/mailed keys will NOT be accepted.

Failure to meet any of these criteria will result in fees being billed to your account (cleaning, damage, lock change).

Entry and Inspection

Room Inspections will occur after the last resident has completely vacated the room/semi-suite/suite/apartment.