Making your Room your Home

Making your Room your Home

Residence Hall living is filled with opportunities to meet new friends, be actively engaged in the community, and to live within steps of where you need to be on campus. Your residence hall room is your “home away from home.

Before you move in, you should review the guidelines, decide on items to bring, and the cost involved in personalizing your room. Formulating a plan for how to make your room a comfortable and home-like place for you is a good place to start.

Remember to pack light for your first trip to your room, and leave your largest and least essential items at home — at least until you have settled into your room. Storage will be your closet and under your bed (s).

University Furniture

All University of Maryland rooms in residence halls are furnished with:

  • Regular Twin size bed and mattress ( 36” x 75” regular or extra-long sheets fit when using a mattress pad).
  • Five-drawer dresser (except Oakland Hall, and Prince Frederick Hall, which have three-drawer dressers).
  • Desk with drawer and shelf, desk chair.
  • Personal data line.
  • HD digital cable jack.

The room also has window blinds, closet space, smoke alarm, fire suppression sprinkler, and overhead light. Storage space may be limited to the upper shelf and floor inside the closet(s) and under the bed(s).

Your Room

Your Room

Upon arrival, your furniture will be set in the recommended fashion to optimize space and airflow for the Heating and Air Conditioning Unit (HVAC) systems.

It is important to not block the HVAC unit to allow it to function properly. Additionally, some rooms have portable dehumidifiers that will be attached to the fan coil unit with a 2 foot long tether to allow the unit to drain automatically, yet limit mobility.

The dehumidifier will automatically pump any excess moisture from the space into existing fan coil condensate drains. These units should not be moved or blocked as they help to control humidity levels in the room.

If you and your roommates decide to rearrange the furniture, it is important to keep a minimum of 12” clearance in front of the HVAC units as well as the dehumidifier, if there is one in your room. You will also need to keep at least 6” distance between the beds. We recommend you keep the room set in the fashion you find it, if possible.

Note: No University furnishings may be removed from rooms or apartments. Storage of University furniture outside of an assigned residence area is not allowed.


Posters/Wall hangings

Fall Move-In

You may hang posters, pictures, etc. on the walls. Please plan carefully in the products you use to hang items.

We recommend that residents hang posters or pictures using "blue painter's tape" which is readily available at home improvement stores. Removable poster "putty" is another option.

Charges for repairing holes on walls, doors, and ceilings caused by tape, nails, tacks, or screws, as well as other damages to the rooms and university furnishings are charged equally to the residents of a room.


Special Considerations

Fall Move-In

For fire safety and health reasons, cooking is prohibited in all student rooms. This is why students in the residence halls are required to participate in an approved dining plan.

Permissible Appliances
Air popcorn poppers and hot water pots which have enclosed heating elements and bear the UL seal. These items should not be used in student rooms, only in a designated cooking area inside floor lounges.

Most buildings have hallway kitchenettes or floor lounges that are equipped with microwave, stove, sink, disposal, instant hot water tap and refrigerator (varies by building) that are adequate for cooking or cleaning utensils.

Small Refrigerators
Small refrigerators are permitted in student rooms. They must meet these safety specifications:

  • 3.6 cubic foot maximum.
  • 1.5 amp maximum.
  • 120 volts, 60 cycle AC.
  • Grounding type, 3-prong electric plug and 3-wire cord.
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Seal of Approval.
  • Energy Star rated models preferred.


Data, Cable, & Telephone Services

Fall Move-In

Each resident has a personal high speed data line. The residence halls also have 100% wireless internet coverage. Learn more about connecting to the campus network.

Cable TV and Xfinity Stream
A cable connection is available in all halls except for Pyon-Chen and Johnson-Whittle. For Cable TV lineup and help visit the Cable TV Help page.

All residence hall students have free access to XFINITY Stream. Visit the Xfinity On Campus website and use your University credentials to login and learn more.

Each bedroom has telephone capabilities, including voicemail and unlimited campus calling. Residents have to request telephone and voicemail activation via the Division of IT website.