Vendor Information

Vendor Information

This page provides information about the three vendors who have exclusive permission from the University of Maryland, awarded through competitive bid processes, to advertise their products and services to students living in the residence halls, and to do so with the assistance of the departments of Resident Life and Residential Facilities.


Bed Loft Rentals

Collegiate Marketing, Inc. of Champaign, Illinois is the vendor currently selected by the University to offer bed loft rentals to residence hall students. A bed loft is a metal frame that supports the mattress and bed supplied by the University and provides space beneath the mattress for furniture.

More information is available, and rental agreements can be initiated, by visiting the Bedloft website.

Again this year, all triple rooms are furnished with a bunk bed, and a metal Bed Loft with a safety rail. The lofted bed in triples is provided by Residential Facilities at no charge to residents.

Standard twin bed frames and twin mattresses provided by Residential Facilities fit onto the top of bed lofts rented from this vendor. The bed loft is tall enough that the dresser and desk provided by the University can be placed beneath the mattress, thus increasing the amount of floor space available in the room.

This vendor's bed lofts can be utilized in all University student residences, with the exception of the following locations:

  • All bedrooms in Oakland and Prince Frederick Halls
  • Leonardtown Apartment Buildings 238 through 242
  • University Courtyards and South Campus Commons apartments

Students in Triple and Quad bedrooms may not pre-order a bed loft, as the standard furniture package for triple rooms includes 2 bunked beds and 1 lofted bed, and Quad rooms have 2 sets of bunked beds. If students in triple or quad rooms wish to rent an additional bed loft for their room, they may order a bed loft from the vendor upon move in.

Bed lofts brought into University residence halls may be obtained solely from this one vendor. This vendor's product has been reviewed and confirmed to meet safety criteria specified by Residential Facilities. As a rule, all other lofts, partitions, and structures of any type are prohibited and may not be brought into or constructed within the residence halls.


Carpet Sales

On Campus Marketing of West Trenton, New Jersey is the vendor currently selected by the University to offer room-sized carpets for sale to residence hall students. Students should confer with their roommates before making a carpet purchase in order to avoid duplicate orders.

Ordering Information
To obtain additional information or to place an order, please visit the Our Campus Market website or call them directly at (800) 892-8729.

There are no carpeted rooms in the Cambridge, Denton, Ellicott or North Hill communities (with the exceptions of Anne Arundel and St. Mary's halls) or in Cecil Hall. All rooms are carpeted in South Hill apartments, with the exception of ground floor units, and suites, in Leonardtown and St. Mary's apartments, and in Anne Arundel Hall bedrooms.

For most rooms, a 6’x9’ carpet is sufficiently sized to provide coverage of the open floor space, and minimizes the need to move furniture, as well as reduces the chance excess carpeting will block a room’s heating or A/C unit.

The Departments of Resident Life and Residential Facilities place no restrictions on carpets brought into residence halls by resident students. We only ask that roommates agree in advance that they will bring or buy carpet for their room and that such carpet is clean and free of odor on arrival and be properly maintained while in use.


Refrigerator Rentals of Silver Spring, Maryland is the vendor currently selected by the University to offer the rental of Energy Star-rated refrigerator-freezers and microwave/refrigerator-freezer combination (MicroFridge®) units to residence hall students.

Refrigerator-freezer units are available for rental to residents of all University residence halls. Due to electrical limitations in most of the residence halls, MicroFridge® combination units are only available for rental to residents of the following halls:

  • Cambridge Hall
  • Oakland Hall
  • Prince Frederick Hall
  • Queen Anne’s Hall
Additional information and rental agreements may be initiated by visiting the website.

It is not necessary to know the building or room to which you have been assigned in order to complete a rental agreement. Availability may be limited, and rental agreements will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until supplies run out.