Summer Move-in
Telephone Service

You and your roommate will have a shared telephone line. You must decide who will bring a telephone. Recommended is a touch-tone, FCC registered analog desk style set with standard jack, active star (*) key for Voice Mail, and a 14-foot or more line cord with standard plug.

On-campus and local off-campus calls are free. Long distance and international calls are separate and not included in the summer housing fees. These calls must be made by contracting with the carrier of your choice for a telephone credit card or by using pre-paid calling cards.

Computer/Data Services

From your room, you can connect to the campus data network and through it to the Internet, electronic mail and the World Wide Web. Just bring your own computer. We recommend a Windows compatible or Apple Macintosh computer.

Internet access is provided in two ways: Via Ethernet connection (highspeed 10MB) or over the University's wireless network. Ethernet users do not need commercial access services such as America On-Line; they do need to install ethernet card and cable on their PCs.

Information about activating your Ethernet connection will be available on move-in day. If you have questions prior to your arrival, please call Resident Life's Information Systems staff at (301) 314-DATA, weekdays 9am to 5pm, or visit,

Meals on Campus

Apartment residents prepare most of their meals in their kitchens. There is no meal plan during the summer. You may want to consider opening a Terrapin Express debit account ( Whenever you eat at any of the Dining Services facilities, or make purchases in the Student Union, you would present your Terrapin Express card instead of cash and have the amount of your purchase deducted from your account. Additional deposits may be made whenever you want. Refunds can be given for money remaining in a Terrapin Express account.


If you already have a valid UM parking permit, it is good through the end of August. If you do not have a permit and want to park a vehicle on campus this summer, you must obtain a Summer permit by visiting the Department of Transportation Services weekdays (301-314-PARK) 8:30am-4:30pm in the Regents Drive parking garage. Summer permits will be issued for Lot 16 (Leonardtown). Students with valid permits may park in any numbered lot on campus. Regular faculty/staff lot restrictions are enforced during the summer.

Property Insurance

The University will not be able to reimburse you for any theft, or loss, or damages to your belongings because of fire, flood, water leak, etc. Please check your family's homeowner's or apartment dweller's policy; it will probably cover your belongings while they are at the University.

No-Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in all locations inside all residence halls, apartments, and suites, including all student bedrooms and common areas. Students who smoke may live on campus, but they must confine their smoking to outdoor locations at all times. Smoking must occur far enough from buildings to ensure that smoke will not enter buildings through doors, windows or vents. Smokers also must carefully extinguish and properly dispose of their cigarettes, etc.