Summer Move-in
Summer Safety Summer Safety Tips & Contacts

Police & Security Patrols
Throughout the summer, the residential communities of the campus and their surrounding areas are being monitored by:

  • University Police officers in marked and unmarked patrol cars (24 hours)
  • Student Police Aides on foot and bicycle patrols
  • N.I.T.E Ride vans on drive-throughs of parking lots
  • Surveillance cameras at 48 selected locations across the campus (24 hours)

Escorts/N.I.T.E Ride

Escorts by uniformed Police officers or student police aides are available 24 hours every day by calling (301) 405-3555. For curb-to-curb service by Shuttle-UM's N.I.T.E Ride vans, just call (301) 314-NITE.

These services can be requested from any blue-light emergency phone; the Police dispatcher who answers your call will summon a Police escort for you or transfer you to N.I.T.E Ride.

Security routes operate seven nights a week, with buses stopping outside the Leonardtown Community Center and Student Union every 35 minutes. This is your convenient and safe way to go to libraries, student union, College Park shopping district, etc. Buses for the College Park Metro station stop along Paint Branch Parkway at Greenhouse Road. For exact schedules of these routes please visit the Department of Transportation or call 301-314-2255.

After Dark, Never Walk Alone

Walk with friends or in a group or ride Shuttle-UM. Walk in well lighted and well-traveled paths. Know the location of the nearest emergency phones.

Going to your car after dark:

  • Walk with a friend, then drop him/her at your apartment as you drive off

Coming back to campus alone after dark:

  • Call ahead to a friend who'll meet you at his/her front door then walk with you from the parking lot, or request an escort from Police 301) 405-3555.

Important Phone Numbers
Topic Number
Medical Emergency 911
Police Emergency 911
Car Lockouts, Jump Starts (301) 314-4CAR
Campus Parking (301) 314-PARK
Crime Reporting (301) 405-3555
Security Escort Services (301) 405-3555
Health Center (301) 314-8180
Key & Lock Problems (301) 314-WORK
N.I.T.E Ride (301) 314-NITE
Police Non-Emergency (301) 405-3555
Security Lighting (301) 405-2222
Security Repairs (301) 314-WORK
Sexual Assault Hotline (301) 314-2222
Shuttle-UM Transit Service (301) 314-CALL