Summer Move-in
Early Warning Siren

The campus Early Warning System is designed to provide instant notification to students, faculty and staff of imminent dangerous conditions. In an emergency, sirens around campus will sound continuously for at least three minutes.

If you ever hear the Early Warning siren and if you are in your residence hall or apartment, stay inside/in your room and seek information from the sources below:

  • WMUC 88.1 FM
  • Comcast Cable Channel 76 (Terp TV)
  • (301) 405-SNOW or (301) 405-7669 (recorded message)
  • If outdoors, seek shelter inside the closest building.
  • When danger has passed, a single 30-second siren blast will sound.

For more information, please visit the Department of Public Safety

Fire Safety Reminders

If you hear your building's fire alarm:

  • Immediately exit the building
  • Always assume an emergency, never assume a false alarm
  • Do not open door if knob is warm to the touch; stay in room and call 911
  • Crawl on floor (where air is fresher) if you encounter smoke

If you smell smoke or see smoke or fire:

  • Pull the nearest building alarm
  • Close your room door
  • Safely exit the building
  • Call 911
  • Never attempt to fight or put out a fire
  • Tell staff or fire authorities exact location of fire or smoke

If you hear your building's fire alarm:

  • Read emergency/evacuation procedures posted in your room
  • Know locations of exit stairwells and doors
  • Plan more than one exit route