Steps for Checking-In

Steps for Checking-In

All residence hall check-ins will take place at the XFINITY Center. Students must enter through Gate E of the XFINITY Center and wear a mask.

There are four easy steps to the Residence Hall check-in process.

Step 1

Schedule your Move-In appointment on the Housing Portal, if you haven't done so already.

Step 2

Print your Arrival passport and parking pass from your Housing Portal.

Step 3

On the day and time of your appointment, arrive at the Terrapin Trail Garage and park on level 2 or 3.

Family members and helpers should wait with their vehicle.

Step 4

Students should proceed to Gate E of the XFINITY Center.

Masks will be required at all times inside the XFINITY Center.

Travel around the XFINITY center concourse to complete your necessary check-in activities. Our staff will be on site to assist and signs will guide you through the process.

The check-in process includes:

  • Distribution of room keys and lanyard.
  • Distribution of UMD student ID cards (only for new residents).
  • Dining Services Biometric Scans (only for new residents).

Unloading Procedures

Student Arrival Passport

Students should download the arrival passport from the Housing Portal for,

  • Appointment Information
  • Directions
  • Unloading/Parking Permit
Unloading/Parking Permits
Unloading permits should be displayed on your vehicle's front windshield. Follow the designated travel route from the Terrapin Trail garage to your residence hall unloading zone.

At the 30 minute unloading zone,
  1. You and your helpers should unload belongings onto the sidewalk.
  2. One member of the party should move the vehicle to the long term parking area.
  3. Remaining members of the party should move belongings to your room.

  • Yellow moving carts will be available at most locations, although there is a limited supply. We encourage you to bring a dolly or hand truck to assist with your move.
  • As quickly as possible after the vehicle is unloaded, and within no more than 30 minutes, one member of your party should move the vehicle to the long-term parking area, and the remaining members of the party should begin moving belongings to the student’s room.
  • We aim to provide every student the opportunity to unload their belongings as close to their residence hall as possible and to keep traffic moving, so we appreciate you honoring the 30-minute unloading zone time limit. Please keep in mind, sooner is better to allow others to also unload as quickly and easily as possible so please don’t delay in moving vehicles from unloading zones to long-term parking.

Room Setup

For Set-Up and Go Appointments
For those who choose the Set-Up and Go option, once all belongings are in your residence hall room, you will have up to three hours to set up your room before you leave.

You and your helpers should plan to depart campus within three hours of your arrival/appointment time. You should lock your room and take your residence hall keys home with you.

Your UMD Student ID card will then be deactivated and will turn back on on the day of your scheduled Curbside drop-off return.

For Traditional Move-In Appointments
If you are doing a Traditional move-in, once your room is set up, it’s time to say goodbye to your family and helpers and start your Terp adventure.