Contacting your Suite or Apartment Mates

Contacting your Suite or Apartment Mates

Beginning January 13, your room assignment and your suite/apartment mate's contact information will be posted to your Housing Portal.

New-to-housing students assigned to a suite or apartment will have roommates who lived in the unit during the Fall semester. For this reason, when you arrive on move-in day, you should expect to find belongings already in place in the common area. We ask our returning residents to clean the common area in preparation for new arrivals. Your room will feature a bed, dresser, desk, and closet space and will be ready for your arrival. If there are problems with room condition when you arrive, please return to your Service Desk for assistance.

I've never met my suite/apartment mate(s), so I'm a little anxious about making this call. What can you suggest?
It's natural to feel a little apprehensive about speaking with a new roommate for the first time. So, before you call, make yourself two lists. One is a list of the questions you want to ask and things you want to discuss. The other is a list of reminders to yourself about what you want to accomplish in the phone call -- to be upbeat and positive, to be respectful of your roommate’s rights to their opinions, to expect some differences between you as people, to keep an open mind, etc.

When contacting your roommate(s), you might consider these conversation starters: contributions you can make to your unit’s common area, classes you're taking, books you've read, organizations you were involved in at school, and your tastes in music, arts, sports, etc. Your conversation’s most important goal should be to establish good communication between your roommate(s) and yourself so that you have this base to build upon when move-in day arrives.

How are room assignments made?
Assignments for new residents are made based on space availability and in the order housing agreements were received. New residents are assigned to vacant rooms in traditional, semi-suites, suites without kitchens, and kitchen-equipped apartments. Please Note: Once assignments have been made, no room or building changes can be made until February. Rooms for the following year will be chosen in April.