Steps for Checking-In

Steps for Checking-In

Step 1

Enter campus and drive to your residence hall by the route shown on the map. The routes are designed to reduce traffic bottlenecks and speed up your move-in day process.

* New to housing residents should go to 251 North in the Denton Community to pick up residence hall keys and complete Dining Hall meal plan access procedures

Step 2

Follow directional signs and instructions given by University Police and parking attendants.

Step 3

Park in the unloading zone closest to your residence hall to unload belongings at the curb, and after you unload belongings at the curb, relocate your vehicle to the FREE all-day parking lot.

New residents may obtain their parking pass and unloading zone information on Tuesday, January 19 on the the following MyDRL arrival page.

Returning residents should complete a Curbside dropoff at their residence hall to alleviate congestion and support the 4Maryland healthy behaviors.

Step 4

Use your University Identification Card to access your residence hall using the card reader at the entrance. If you have trouble accessing the building, please return to your service desk.

Step 5

Move belongings into the room.

Unloading Procedures

After completing check-in activities, students may then go to their residence hall unloading zone.

  1. The student and their helpers should unload belongings onto the sidewalk.
  2. One member of the party should move the vehicle to long term parking area
  3. Remaining members of the party should move belongings to the student’s room.

  • A limited number of yellow carts will be available at designated locations and will not be disinfected by staff between uses.
  • Students and families should come prepared with gloves, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Elevator use is limited to one family at a time.

Room Setup

Once all belongings are in the student room, the student and their helpers can have up to three hours to complete the room set up.

Helpers should plan to depart campus within three hours of their arrival/appointment time.

Once you are settled in your room, please reach out to your Resident Assistant to say hi and introduce yourself.