10 Things To Do Before Move-in Day

10 Things To Do Before Move-in Day

  1. Consult our policies you should know before moving in and review our Community Living Handbook which includes policies and other information about Residence Hall Living.

  2. Complete your pre-arrival COVID-19 test within 10 days prior to returning to campus and attest your results in the Keep Terps Safe portal.

  3. Make sure your meningitis and other required vaccination information have been submitted to the University Health Center.

  4. Check your family's homeowner's or apartment dweller's insurance policy to make sure valuables you bring to campus will be covered.

  5. Make sure any laptop or personal computer you own or buy meets the University's hardware recommendations and purchase an Ethernet cable no longer than 14 feet.

  6. Review our Items to Bring page for checklists of items you can and cannot bring to your room.

  7. Most students bring too much stuff. The best advice we've heard is to set out everything you want to bring, then pack and bring one-half the total.

  8. Make sure you arrive before your deliveries do, then please claim them the same day they arrive. Belongings and online purchases shipped by a recognized carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL) must arrive at your check-in desk only after you have arrived for move-in, due to limited holding space.

  9. Share your mailing address and phone number with family and friends. Mail should be addressed to you in the following manner:

    Student Name
    University of Maryland
    Room Number, Name of Residence Hall
    Street Address
    College Park, Maryland 20742

    Learn more about mailing addresses on the Packages and Mailing Address page.

  10. Schedule your post-arrival COVID-19 test to occur within one week of your return to campus and attest your results on the Keep Terp Safe portal.