Items to Bring

Items to Bring

It is natural to want to bring all of your prized possessions with you as you settle into your new space but remember to pack light and only bring the essential items you need, initially. Storage will be your closet space and under your bed.

Remember to talk with your roommate in advance of arriving to plan and coordinate possible shared things.

Bedding (Consider using bedding you already own/use at home)

  • Sheets (twin size or extra long).
  • Blanket, bedspread, pillows, pillowcases (Extra long sheets will fit fine with egg crate mattress or pad).
  • Mattress cover.

Small Electronics (Consider ENERGY STAR Rated models)

  • Laptop or Personal computer.
  • 15 to 20 foot ethernet cable (wireless in all halls and throughout campus)
  • UL/CSA approved power outlet strip with integrated circuit breaker (consider “smart power strip” to save energy).
  • Lock for laptop.
  • Printer for laptop or PC.
  • Alarm clock.

Other Items
  • Face Coverings (3 recommended).
  • Soap, Toiletries, Shower tote bucket.
  • Towels, Washcloths.
  • Laundry bag, Detergent, Clothes Hangers.
  • Quarters for the washers and dryers (you may also use Terrapin Express for laundry).
  • First Aid kit.
  • Bed risers (do not bring cinder blocks to use as bed risers).
  • Flashlight, Battery-powered radio, Extra batteries, Emergency Kit.
  • School/Desk Supplies.
  • Non-damaging wall fasteners for hanging items (painter’s tape & poster putty recommended).
  • Backpack or reusable cloth bag for carrying books.
  • Reusable Water Bottle   (Why Reusable & Find a Filling Station).
  • Reusable Mug/Cup, Straw, Plate, Fork, and Spoon.
  • Reuseable Shopping bag(s).
  • Desk/Floor Lamp (consider CFL or LED bulbs; no halogen bulbs, no lamps with gooseneck arms and plastic shades).
  • Under-the-bed storage boxes (10” clearance).
  • Bicycle and U-lock or membership to the campus Bikeshare Network.

    • QAM-Ready television and 15- to 20-foot cable (HD digital service in residence halls).
    • Small Appliances (UL/CSA Approved, ENERGY STAR Certified models preferred).
      • Small Refrigerator (3.6 cubic foot maximum, ENERGY STAR Certified).
      • Air cleaner or air ionizer with UL Seal.
      • Window fan(s).
      • Keurig hot drink dispensers (consider purchasing a reusable K-cup filter).
    • Touch-tone phone with standard plug, line cord (voicemail is provided).
    • Free-standing shelving units for floor, dresser top or closet shelf.
    • Carpet Rug or remnant.
    • Curtains.
    • Cleaning Supplies (preferably “Green”).
    • Dustbuster/Vacuum.
    • 2 Waste Bins.
      • One for trash (with liners).
      • One for recycling.
    • Memo/Dry erase board for your room door.

      Bed Risers with outlets.
      Extension Cords of any type.
      Boxes, trunks, suitcases, etc., except what fits under your portion of bed (10" clearance) or closet.
      Clothing that must be hung in the closet and that exceeds 2'-3' width.
      Excessive or bulky winter clothing and gear (keep in mind that you have limited closet space and some time before you will need those items.).
      Extra seating or other furniture.
      Excessive amounts of clothing, books, posters, personal effects, etc.
      Ashtrays (smoking is not permitted inside any campus building or anywhere on campus).
      Cinder Blocks.
      Lamps with gooseneck arms and plastic shades.
      Disposable water bottles.

      Extension cords.
      Alcoholic beverages (if under age 21).
      Illegal drugs (grounds for dismissal), drug paraphernalia.
      Candles (lighted), incense, fireworks, weapons.
      Electric skillets, Hot Plate, any appliance with open or exposed heating element or coil.
      Toaster, toaster oven, skillet, crock pot, etc.
      Halogen bulbs.
      Private air conditioner, space heater.
      Masking or cellophane tape, nails, other products that damage paint/wall surfaces.
      Partitions, room dividers, other structures and lofts of any type.
      Microwaves (permitted only in select residence halls).

    Please Note

    The Department of Residential Facilities recognizes that residents may want to decorate their rooms with posters or pictures. If you choose to do so, you will be responsible for any and all damage to the paint and/or wall. We recommend that residents hang posters or pictures using "blue painter's tape" which is readily available at home improvement stores. Removable poster "putty" is another option.

    Despite advertising, products sold as "removable" poster hooks, mounting tape, strips, squares or dots have been found to stain the paint or cause damage to surfaces in the residence halls when they are removed. If you select to use these or similar products, we recommend first applying the blue painter's tape to the wall and then adhering the removable hook or fastener over the tape to protect the wall and paint surface from damage. NEVER use masking tape or duct tape as these leave residue and damage the wall surface.