Math Success
Locations and Hours

The Math Success Program is located at:

Oakland Hall
Academic Enrichment Center, Ground Floor
Sunday - Thursday
6:00pm - 9:00pm

On Monday through Thursdays, we offer Collaborative Study Groups for Math 140 and Math 141 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. All hours are without reservation.

Math Success can also be used as a meeting place for your math study group - it always helps to have a Math Coach nearby. Feel free to come anytime and we will do our best to help.


The closest available parking lot for non-permit holders is Lot 1b. Lot 2 is now a 24-Hour restricted parking lot and is not free after 4:00pm.

Please Note: Lots 2a and 2b adjacent to Oakland Hall are now 24-Hour restricted parking lots as well and are not free after 4:00pm.

Please consult the UMD Department of Transportation Services website for the most up to date parking lot restrictions and availability.

Location History

These hours were selected because they fill the gap left by math department tutors and teaching assistants, who are available to help students during normal business hours. As many students need homework help before class days, they can turn to the Math Success Program during evening.

Math Success was initially housed in the Easton Recreation Room as a phone service. Later it was decided that a more interactive, one-on-one coaching experience was necessary. Thus, the first tutoring site was set up in Easton Hall in 1998. As the program expanded and became more popular, a new site was opened in the Cambridge Community Center in September 1999 and an additional center was opened in October 1999 on south campus in Somerset Hall. Lastly, with support from the Office of Campus Program, a fourth site was opened at the Stamp Student Union in 2001. Unfortunately, in 2002, severe budget cuts forced the closure of two sites, Cambridge and Somerset Halls. In 2011, the Math Success program combined forces with the Syn*Quest Collaborative Study Groups and we moved our main operations to Oakland Hall. To help focus on this new location and partnership, the STAMP location was closed in 2011. To access more south campus students, an additional location was opened in Annapolis Hall, but has been closed due to lack of attendance.