Math Success
About Math Success

The Math Success Program provides math coaching services and through these services, promotes a positive and encouraging environment of study where students can practice skills and gain an understanding of math. The program aims to decrease anxiety surrounding the study of math and help students gain the confidence needed to succeed in core mathematics courses at the University of Maryland through positive peer to peer and group interactions.


The Math Success Program opened its doors in fall of 1997 as a free, drop-in tutoring center where students could receive help from trained Math Coaches. The original collaborative efforts between the Department of Resident Life, The Department of Math, and Learning Assistance Services within the Counseling Center were the results of retention concerns. Research showed that students placed in Math 001 and 002, which were reviews of high school algebra, and other lower level math courses were the most likely to withdraw from the course, or the university entirely. If they stayed, those students were more likely to fail the course. Math Success combated those concerns by providing quality peer math tutoring and acting as a liaison to the Math Department for such students.


Math Success continues to support students who are challenged by mathematics. While Math Coaches are able to work with any math student, those who tend to seek help the most frequently are students in Calculus courses such as MATH 140, 141, 220 and 221, as well as statistics courses. Math Success will remain committed to building confidence and independent learning skills in math for all students, thus promoting their overall academic success at the University of Maryland.

Target Classes

The program focuses on assisting students in Math 001 and Math 002, which are a review of high school algebra, as well as Math 113, college algebra, and Math 115, pre-calculus. Math coaches can also help with other higher-level math courses and with statistics courses outside of the math department; these include courses such as Math 140, 141, 220, 221, and Stat 100.