On-Campus Student Housing Strategic Plan
Planned Initiatives

The Student Housing Strategic Plan focuses on renovations and new housing construction on three locations: 1) Academic Village Lot 1, 2) North Campus, and the 3) South Campus site.

  • Academic Village Lot 1

    An Academic Village of 1,500 students supported by a new dining/academic center on the Lot 1 site would be the crown jewel in the recruitment of the highest achieving students.

    • Total new beds - 1,500 beds
    • Showcase for Living-Learning Programs
    • Academic space on the ground floor of new residential construction
    • New green spaces created at end of Phase II construction
    • New dining venue to serve new community and adjacent academic uses
    • Accommodates proposed alignment of future light rail

    View towards Proposed Lot 1 Housing
    Academic Village Lot 1
    Academic Village Site Plan
    Academic Village Site Plan

    Note: Purple Line route approximate; related site improvements not shown.

  • North Campus

    A housing, dining and academic support complex near LaPlata Beach that would meet the needs of several groups including Living-Learning Program participants, student-athletes and other student groups.

    • Total new beds - 1,230 beds
      - 880 new beds at Varsity Practice Field site
      - 350 new beds after the demolition of
      the Ellicott Diner
    • New, expanded dining venue to serve North Campus Communities
    • Academic and common spaces on the ground floor of new residential construction
    • New green spaces created after demolition of the Ellicott Diner
    • Renovation of bathrooms, floor studies and/or lounges throughout all halls
    • Addition of living rooms in all high-rise residence halls

    View towards proposed housing near Ellicott Community, Cambridge Community &
    Varsity Practice Field
    North Campus

    North Campus Site Plan
    North Campus Site Plan

  • South Campus

    Per the UMD Facilities Master Plan 2011-2030, the planned demolition of Carroll, Caroline and Wicomico Halls is projected for the summer of 2020. The new North Hill building is planned just north of the new Prince Frederick location on the site of Caroline, Carroll and Wicomico Halls. Also, the current Worcester Hall will be vacated in the summer of 2022 to make way for new academic space.

    • Total new beds - 450 beds
    • Academic and common space on the ground floor of new residential construction
    • New green spaces created
    • Renovated suites and apartments across South Hill
    • Planned new South Hill Community Center

    South Campus Site Plan
    South Campus Site Plan

  • Renovations

    • Renovation and renewal of most existing residence halls to provide updated bathroom facilities, student and lounge spaces, new Living-Learning program space in selected halls
    • Demolition of Carroll, Caroline, Wicomico and Worcester Halls and the Leonardtown Apartments
    • Construction of eight new residence halls adding approximately 3,180 beds and two new dining halls
    • Total campus beds increase from 9,054 to 10,784
    • Reduction of triple and quad occupancy across campus

    Examples for Bathroom and Floor Study/Lounge
    Bathroom Example
    Bathroom photo from University of Michigan
    Floor Study/Lounge
    Floor Lounge at UNCG

    Example of Living Room Additions
    Living Room Area
    Living Room at UNCG
    Living Room Area
    Living Room at UNCG

    Typical Residential Hall Renovation Models
    The development of the ideal program included discussions with Resident Life and Residential Facilities staff, living and learning program faculty and general conversations with students. Each of the residence halls were toured and analyzed to determine the impact of incorporating ideal program elements to establish renovation priorties and a budget that could be carried into the financial pro forma. The diagrams provided below are an example of the work for a typical highrise residence hall.
    Existing Entry Level
    Existing Entry Level
    Renovated Entry Level
    Renovated Entry Level
    Existing Residential Level
    Existing Residential Level
    Renovated Residential Level
    Renovated Residential Level