January 2020 Housing Outlook

January 2020 Housing Outlook The Departments of Resident Life, Residential Facilities and the Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs have developed a fifteen-year strategic plan for our on-campus housing program. It is a bold plan that will serve as a road-map for the construction of more than 3,000 new beds, the demolition of our most outdated residence halls, and the renovation and refurbishment of most of our remaining halls over the next 15 years. Concurrent with physical improvements, the plan outlines a vision of the Maryland Residential Experience focused on serving the needs of undergraduate students in their first and second years and offering those students a housing experience that is engaging, diverse and an indispensable component of their academic success.

While the primary focus will be for students in their first two years, we recognize the importance of maintaining the ability for some upper level students to continue to consider an on-campus housing option.

Students exempted from Housing Commitments Policies

  • Banneker-Key Scholars (third and fourth year)
  • Students in the Maryland Incentives Program (third and fourth year)
  • DRL Resident Assistants and Customer Service Supervisors
  • Students assigned to designated athletic spaces (third and fourth year)
  • Students assigned to Language House (third and fourth year)
  • Students assigned to Writers’ House (third and fourth year)
  • Students in the Honors College (third and fourth year)
  • International students attending UMD as part of a reciprocal study abroad program
  • RHA Executive Officers (third and fourth year)