Housing Availability
Housing Waitlist Update for Fall 2018
Housing Waitlist Update

This notice is posted to update those students who are not yet confirmed for campus housing for the Fall 2018 semester. We have seen a marked increase in on-campus housing requests from new freshmen and Freshmen Connection students who met the May 1 deadline. Residence hall assignments are allocated according to our Housing Commitments Policy.

At this time, all available residence hall housing for the Fall 2018 semester has been committed to other students. While we are not able to confirm you for campus housing today, we are continuing the cancellation process for our returning students. We will update you further throughout the summer.

Outlook for Waitlisted Students

Our ability to offer a space to a waitlisted student depends on how many cancellations we receive throughout the summer.

Cancellation activity is ongoing and peaks at two particular times. First, around the cancellation deadline date of July 1 when students can petition for release from their agreements without a financial penalty; second, after July 18 when housing assignments notification is posted to our website and the University sends out student bills for Fall.

Our goal is to offer housing to as many waitlisted students as possible; however, we cannot guarantee that an on-campus residence hall assignment will be provided to waitlisted students by the start of Fall classes. Additionally, given the number of first-year students on the waitlist who have priority in the Housing Commitments Policy, it is unlikely there will be enough housing availability to offer transfer students an assignment for Fall 2018.

E-mail notices will be sent to students as necessary. We also encourage you to check the Resident Life web site regularly.

Off-Campus Housing Services

Off-Campus Housing Services Web Site Students who are uncomfortable with this amount of uncertainty should start considering available options off campus. If you would like the University's help in exploring off-campus housing opportunities in nearby apartment complexes, private homes, or fraternities and sororities (as non-member boarders), please visit the Off-Campus Housing Services web site or visit staff in room 0232 of the Stamp Student Union. Hours are Monday to Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm.

Of particular interest are the online "housing search" and "roommate finder" services and the advice and resource information (safety checklists, landlord-tenant concerns, cost considerations, etc.) that are published for persons who are looking into near-campus housing options for the first time.

South Campus Commons and The Courtyards Leasing Opportunities
South Campus Commons and The Courtyards Leasing Opportunities

There are currently vacancies in The Courtyards (CTY) for 2018-2019. If you are interested in pursuing a lease with this campus-affiliated property, please visit the SCC/CTY website for more information. If you are interested in South Campus Commons, you may only sign a lease through the releasing process. To find a student who is interested in transferring their lease, please visit the SCC/CTY page for more information.

Special Off-Campus Housing Fairs

Off-Campus Living Fair Web Site Resident Life and Off-Campus Housing Services are co-sponsoring an Off-Campus Living Fair on July 20. This event is held on campus and is open to all interested students and family members. The Fair is designed to provide students with a "one-stop-shop" approach to identifying and investigating housing alternatives near our campus.

Fifty or more off-campus property managers and private landlords are present at these fairs. Advance registration is requested; please visit the Off-Campus Housing Services web site for further information.

Check Your Position

Check Your Position Online You can view your waitlist position online by visiting your Housing Status page. Please login using your directory ID and password to view your waitlist position.

Please Note: The waitlist is based on our Housing Commitments policies and follows the commitment group order. Periodically, a student could see their waitlist number rise. This is due to students being added to the waitlist in a commitment group ahead of your own. Waitlist position will decrease only as students either are guaranteed housing from the waitlist or take themselves off the waitlist. If you want your name taken off the waitlist, please reply to us at reslife@umd.edu.

Make Sure Your Email Address is Correct

University of Maryland Change Student Address / E-mail website Updates will be sent via email to you as frequently as warranted, so please ensure your correct email address is listed with the university. You may check this information by going to Change Student Address / E-mail website and following the instructions.

At the point that a student can be moved from the waiting list to a status of being guaranteed a room assignment for the academic year, an official confirmation of housing and dining services will be emailed, and charges to the student's university account will be initiated.

We regret the delay in being able to offer an on-campus assignment to you at this time and wish you every success in your academic and personal endeavors.