Housing Availability
Veterans of Military Service
Where do veterans live when they enroll at the University of Maryland?

Most veterans who enroll at Maryland live in their homes or in housing they find in our local area. Veterans who need to locate housing in the College Park vicinity are encouraged to utilize the online, staffing and other resources of Maryland's Off-Campus Housing Service.

Veterans should consult the University's information and resources for veterans and make contact with an admissions counselor at (301) 314-8385, Maryland's Returning Students Program office at (301) 314-7693, and Maryland's Veterans Affairs office at (301) 314-8239.

What types of living situations are offered in the residence halls?

There is no on-campus housing specifically for student veterans, graduate students, or students with a spouse, partner, child(ren) or family members who will live with them. The on-campus residence halls accommodate male and female students in separate wings or floors of traditional "dormitory-style" residence halls and in separate apartments or suites. Most rooms are doubles or triples. Single bedrooms (for one student) are assigned solely to continuing residence hall students based on a seniority system.

Can veterans live in the University's residence halls?

Preference in assigning students, including veterans, within the 8,250-bed residence hall system is given to full-time degree-seeking undergraduate students. Part-time undergraduate students and graduate students are eligible to apply for this housing, but should understand that typically not all full-time undergraduates who apply can be accommodated.

Veterans who will enroll as full-time undergraduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park campus may apply to live in the on-campus residence halls upon their admission or readmission. Early application is advised, as is early contact with Resident Life's liaison for veterans, Scott Young, Associate Director for Administrative and Business Services, at sdyoung@umd.edu or (301) 314-9559.

For veterans whose first enrollment at Maryland follows their military service, residence hall housing will be offered in accordance with the Department of Resident Life's Housing Commitments policy. Under this policy, veterans with an admission status of New Freshman will be guaranteed residence hall housing, subject to pertinent deadlines and procedures, since New Freshman students have the highest priority for residence hall housing. Veterans with an admission status of New Transfer are not likely to be accommodated in residence halls, since New Transfer students have a lower priority for this housing.

Is there residence hall housing for persons with disabilities?

Rooms in several residence halls were designed or modified to meet the needs of students with a range of physical disabilities. Housing applicants are expected to provide documentation of any disability, physical ability, or mental, medical or physical condition for consideration by Disability Support Services and Resident Life staff members.

Can a residence hall student called into active military duty return to residence halls after his/her tour of duty?

A student who is called to active military duty after being confirmed to receive a residence hall assignment will be:

  • Released from his/her residence halls/dining services agreement without financial obligation (i.e., normal release fees will be waived) upon withdrawing from the University or canceling all course registration, when providing a copy of the military orders to the Registrar and Resident Life;
  • Credited for the unused portion of on-campus housing and dining services, if the call-up occurs during a semester;
  • Guaranteed a room assignment within residence halls for the semester of his/her return to student standing at Maryland, so long as a housing request is made to reslife@umd.edu by April 1 for the Fall semester or November 15 for the Spring semester and as long as the students in his/her same class year (e.g., rising junior, rising senior) also are being accommodated by Resident Life with priority as eligible Returning Residents;
  • Assigned a room, roommate, building and area of campus on the basis of space availability and housing preference information received from the student; and
  • Assigned housing points in the calculation of one's Priority Number (if applicable) as if the student had never left the residence halls.

Access to The Courtyards and South Campus Commons undergraduate apartments is restricted to students who are leaving residence halls in order to lease at these apartments for their third year of college (and fourth year, at their option) and therefore may be available to veterans who return to campus after their tour of duty for or during their third year of college.