Summer 2022 On-Campus Housing

Summer On-Campus Housing Students enrolling for Summer Sessions can request to stay in one of our on-campus apartments. Each apartment houses four to six students, usually in a combination of single (i.e. private) and double (i.e. shared with one student) bedrooms. These apartments are fully furnished with air-conditioning, carpeting, full kitchens and utilities; no pets and no smoking are allowed. Each student is provided a twin-sized bed, mattress, dresser, desk and chair, private telephone line and separate data and cable lines.

Students must provide their own telephone, computer, television, desk lamp, cooking utensils, pillow, linens and all other personal household items. Laundry and vending services are available in a nearby 24-hour Community Center.

Parking requires a University permit; please visit The Department of Transportation Services web site for the latest information on fees and application deadlines.

Summer Housing Fees

Session Date Fees
Interim Housing May 21 - May 31 $237.44
Session I only May 31 - July 8 $1,424.64
Session II only July 11 - August 19 $1,424.62
Sessions I and II May 31 - August 19 $2,849.28
Maryland English Institute June 6 – July 22 $1,628.16
8 Week Session Only May 31 - July 22 $2,018.24

Rooms are available from May 29, 2022, two days before the start of Session I classes, until August 19, 2022. For an extra fee of $252.28, spring semester on-campus residents who register for Session I may request to move directly from their spring room assignments to summer session assignments.

A limited number of apartment spaces are available. In the event that the number of students requesting summer session housing exceeds the supply, housing priority will be given in the following order:

  1. Session I and II registrants
  2. Session I only registrants or Session II only registrants
  3. All other registrants. (Please Note: Students registered for Session I-A and/or I-B must sign up for six-week Session I housing to receive priority for summer 2022 housing. Students registered for Session II-C and/or II-D must sign up for six-week Session II housing in order to receive priority for summer 2022 housing.))

Students whose Summer 2022 Residence Halls Agreement forms are received by May 5, 2022 are eligible for the lottery through which all single rooms are assigned. The Agreement is submitted online.

Early submission of the Agreement is advised. Submission of the Agreement obligates the student either to accept, use and pay for summer housing services or request cancellation by the date shown below. Housing fees must be paid in full by the billing due date or the first day of classes for each session, whichever comes first. Summer 2022 Residence Hall Housing Agreements received by May 5, 2022 will receive priority consideration for single rooms, roommate preferences, other assignment preferences and interim occupancy. Agreements received after May 5 will be assigned in their date-received order until all available rooms have been filled; unless otherwise notified, a guarantee of housing by the first day of classes is made for Agreements received after May 5, 2022. Notification of assignment will be emailed to your address listed with the University. Assignments will be available 7 to 10 days prior to the start of your Summer Session classes.