Housing Availability
New Students for Spring Semester

Below are questions that we know are being asked among students and their families. If you have any further questions pertaining to housing, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Resident Life at reslife@umd.edu or by calling (301) 314-2100, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is residence hall housing guaranteed for students who enter the University in the spring semester?

No guarantee is made. However, typically most interested students can be given room assignments by the start of classes in late January. Interested students should request residence hall housing as soon as possible; new students may submit their housing requests separately from their enrollment confirmations.

All residence hall spaces are filled during the fall semester. As rooms open up for spring semester they are filled, as follows:

  • 1st - New Freshman students for spring semester;
  • 2nd - enrolled students who had been wait-listed for residence hall housing throughout the fall semester; and
  • 3rd - all other applicants, including individuals enrolling as New Transfer students for spring semester.

The first written guarantees of housing for spring semester are provided to New Freshman students who were the earliest to request residence hall housing. When a written guarantee of housing cannot immediately be provided, students have their names placed on a waiting list for spring semester housing. These students are provided regular housing status updates beginning in November. This process of providing updates and confirming additional students as housing spaces open up through other students' move-outs continues into December and January and until about the third week of classes in February.

What are some housing options for students who enroll in Freshmen Connection?

Students who confirm their enrollment for spring semester also may consider enrolling in an optional academic experience, Freshmen Connection, during the preceding fall semester. Freshmen Connection students are eligible to live on campus starting in the fall semester. Freshmen Connection students who live on campus in the Fall automatically continue their campus residency in the Spring. Students enrolling in Freshmen Connection who do not live on campus in the Fall are eligible for spring housing in the residence halls, with the same priority, procedures and deadlines described above. View the Freshmen Connection web site to read more.

Can I live in University residence halls next spring?

As a New Freshman student, you are eligible for and will have the highest priority for, residence hall housing beginning in the Spring semester. You should request Spring residence hall housing as soon as possible; this should be done online through the Resident Life's home page. New Freshman students for Spring have the highest priority for openings that become available through move-outs by Fall residence hall students. Because the precise number of these openings cannot be determined by the Department of Resident Life until December and January, you should expect to have your name initially placed on a waiting list for Spring housing.

What legal obligations do students accept by asking for residence hall housing?

The University's housing and meals agreement is legally binding upon its receipt by the Department of Resident Life. No returning residence hall student should submit the housing and meals agreement without being prepared to accept and pay for housing and meal services or without having read its terms and conditions. Submitting the housing and meals agreement does not guarantee that a residence hall assignment can be made by the start of classes in any given semester.