Housing Availability
Students Returning to Residence Halls
Am I guaranteed the opportunity to renew my housing for another year?

Resident Life does not guarantee four years of residence hall housing. The lone exception to this policy is made for recipients of the University's Banneker-Key scholarship or equivalent merit scholarship. Once assigned and living in the residence halls, students may ask to renew their housing and meal agreements for the following academic year, so long as they remain eligible for this housing by maintaining proper registration, financial and judicial standing as a full-time student. Interested and eligible students who meet our March 31 (or other nearby date announced by Resident Life) deadline are notified by early April whether they are invited to select rooms and roommates for the following fall semester or whether their housing requests must be held on a waiting list, pending the availability of housing after guarantees to first-time freshman and other new-to-housing students are accommodated. Room selection occurs during a series of meetings conducted each April.

Under what conditions is my return to this housing not guaranteed?

First-time freshman students have the highest priority for available residence hall housing, followed by students who are interested in and eligible to return to the residence halls for their second academic year. Shortly after May 1, once the size of each fall's freshman class in housing is established, it can be more precisely determined how many third-, fourth- and perhaps fifth-year residence hall students can be accommodated. Resident Life has been warning rising Juniors (i.e., third-year residents), rising Seniors (i.e., fourth-year residents) and Seniors entering their fifth or more year in college that not all such residents can be accommodated for their third and/or fourth years. For more information, please review our Housing Commitments policy.

Eligible residence hall students who do not submit housing and meal requests by the late March Room Selection deadline experience a reduction in their earned priority as returning residence hall students. Such students who submit housing and meal requests after this annual deadline, regardless of their University status, are not guaranteed residence hall housing by the start of classes for the following semester. These students have their names added to any existing waiting list for residence hall housing and are assigned to rooms if their turn is reached on that list.

What legal obligations do students accept by asking for residence hall housing?

The University's housing and meals agreement is legally binding upon its receipt by the Department of Resident Life. No returning residence hall student should submit the housing and meals agreement without being prepared to accept and pay for housing and meal services or without having read its terms and conditions. Submitting the housing and meals agreement does not guarantee that a residence hall assignment can be made by the start of classes in any given semester.