Reassignment Procedures
Frequently Asked Questions about Room Exchange
How do I change my room assignment during the semester?

Mid-semester reassignments are done through Resident Life's online Room Exchange.

What is Room Exchange?

The Room Exchange is the Department of Resident Life's mid-semester reassignment process. The Room Exchange takes place online, in real-time. In the Room Exchange, students have the option to select from individual vacancies, to offer their space to swap with another resident, or to move with a friend into a space with two vacancies. The Room Exchange also allows for students to name a pull-in when a vacancy occurs in their room or unit.

When is Room Exchange?

This semester, the Room Exchange will take place from September 12 through October 27.

I have a vacancy in my room, How do I name a pull-in?

When a vacancy occurs in your room, you will receive an e-mail at 9:00am on Tuesday morning instructing you how to name a pull-in.  The e-mail notification will have a link directing you to the Pull-in page.

You must invite your pull-in, and your pull-in must accept the invitation, by 11:00pm on Thursday through the Pull-in page of the Room Exchange.  If no pull-in is named, or the pull-in invitation is not accepted, the vacancy will be made available as an Individual Vacancy in the Room Exchange the following Tuesday.  Once the vacancy is available as an Individual Vacancy, you no longer have priority over that space to name a pull-in.

My friend is trying to pull me in, but I'm not receiving the invitation. Why not?

There may be one of several things happening:

  • Your friend needs to use the e-mail address that you have on file with the University.  Check out which e-mail address the University has on file at the Testudo website for students
  • Check your Junk Mail folder.  Sometimes Resident Life e-mails are diverted.
  • If you are not part of the living learning program where your friend lives, you are not eligible to be pulled-in. 

I am interested in moving to a certain building but I don't see a vacancy listed. Why not?

There may be one of several things happening:

  • There may not be any vacancies in the building that you are interested in. 
  • If a vacancy is in a building that is part of a Living Learning program that you are not a participant of, you are not eligible to choose that vacancy. 

My friend and I want to move together.  How do we do that?

You can enter the Room Exchange as a roommate pair by forming a group of two.  One of you will be the Group Leader who is responsible for inviting the other Group Member, and for making your choices.  You invite your Group Member by using his or her e-mail address on record with the University.  When your Group Leader finds a Pair Vacancy that you want to be reassigned to, the Group Leader can accept that Pair Vacancy on behalf of your group.

I have a group of friends (more than a roommate pair) and we all want to move together. How do we do that ?

The Room Exchange is designed primarily to help individuals and roommate pairs move to new assignments. If you have a group of friends that would like to try to move together to a larger room, suite, or apartment, please contact the Assignments Office directly to see what, if any, options may be available. You can reach the Assignments Office at or (301) 314-2100.

My friend and I formed a roommate pair but can't find an open double room.  Why not?

Completely open double rooms are a rare occurrence during the semester.  Many of the Pair Vacancies may be two spaces available in a triple or quad room.  If you are unable to find an open double room to move to, you might consider other options:

  • You and your friend enter the Room Exchange as individuals and locate individual spaces on the same floor or in the same unit for reassignment.
  • Wait for the Spring Reassignment process that will take place in November and December.  There may be more opportunities to move to a double room for the spring semester.

I am interested in a Room Swap.  How does that work?

You can request to swap your room with other residents who are also interested in swapping.  You can request to swap for up to three different spaces at the same time.  The first resident to accept one of your swap requests will be your official reassignment request.  If you participate in the Room Swap you will see room information only; no identifying student information will be supplied during the browsing process.  If your request is accepted by another resident, and approved by Resident Life, you will then receive additional information about how to complete your room swap.

My reassignment request (as a Pull-in, an Individual Vacancy, a Pair Vacancy, or a Room Swap) has been approved.  When can I move?

You can begin moving no earlier than 8:00am on the Saturday following your approval.  Your move must be completed by 6:00pm on the Sunday following your approval.

Generally, Room Exchange requests will be approved by noon on Friday.  All moving instructions will be relayed via e-mail after the request has been approved by Resident Life staff.

My roommate has just moved out.  When will that vacancy show up in the Room Exchange?

If your roommate checked out by Sunday night at 6:00pm, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that you can name a pull-in at 9:00am on Tuesday morning.  You have until Thursday at 11:00pm to invite your pull-in.  If you do not name a pull-in by that time, the vacancy in your room will then be released as an Individual Vacancy in the Room Exchange for another student to claim the following Tuesday.

If your roommate is delayed in moving out past Sunday night at 6:00pm, you will receive your pull-in notification e-mail the Tuesday following his or her move-out.  The same pull-in timeline applies at the point that you receive the notification e-mail (Thursday 11:59pm deadline to name your pull-in).

I'm moving to the other side of campus.  Will I be able to keep my keys for both spaces until my move is completed?

You will be able to keep both sets of keys for up to 3 hours to complete your move.

What if I don't complete my move by 6:00pm on Sunday?

Your request to move may be canceled by Resident Life staff and you would have to reenter the Room Exchange to try again.

I canceled myself out of the Room Exchange.  Can I try again?

If you canceled your participation in Room Exchange before your request was approved, you can reenter the Room Exchange immediately.  If you canceled your participation after you have already received approval, you will have to wait until the following week to try again.

How can I move to a single room?

Vacancies in single rooms are not part of the Room Exchange. Vacant single rooms will continue to be assigned by Resident Life staff based on the priority number system. Contact the Assignments Office to inquire about single rooms, (301) 314-2100 or Residents currently living in a single room may offer their room through the Room Swap, so opting into the Room Swap may be an additional way to seek a single room.

What does my priority number have to do with the Room Exchange?

Because of the real-time environment of the Room Exchange, priority numbers are not taken into account when you are browsing for and selecting a new space.

I need help with the Room Exchange.  Who can help me?

You can sit down with a staff member in the Assignments Office for additional help.  The Assignments Office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.  You can also contact the Assignments Office at 301-314-2100 or