Reassignment Procedures
Many students ask, "How can I change rooms?"

The Room Exchange You'll keep your same room from fall to spring semester unless you ask for a change. Every room change must be approved in advance and in writing by Department of Resident Life staff. For students interested in changing rooms, Resident Life offers several opportunities throughout the year for residents to seek reassignment:

  • Fall Semester Reassignment Process
    For returning residents only; conducted during the summer, prior to the start of fall semester
  • Mid-Semester Reassignment Process (Room Exchange)
    For all current residents; conducted after the start of both the fall and spring semesters
  • Mid-Year Reassignment Process
    For all current residents; conducted at the conclusion of the fall semester; residents do not take occupancy of their new assignments until the start of the spring semester

Room changes are generally not processed during the first several weeks of each semester. During the early part of the semester, Resident Life is actively "taking attendance," moving any students out of temporary assignments and moving in students who have been waiting off campus.


A "Pull-in" is an opportunity for a current resident to name a student to be pulled in to a vacancy. When a vacancy occurs in your room, you will generally have 48 hours to name an eligible "pull-in". Pull-ins must be current on-campus residents, and may be subject to other eligibility checks. Pull-ins can be named during any of the reassignment processes during the year. If you do not name a pull-in, another resident will be assigned. Resident Life reserves the right to override a pull-in request when necessary.


There are two ways to consider a reassignment. The first is moving to an open space. To move to an open space, a vacancy in that room is required. In this case, the resident will move to a different floor or building and become the new roommate of someone he or she may not know. It is possible to move with a roommate; however, the likelihood that a completely vacant double room will be available for roommates to move together is very low, especially during the mid-semester process.

The second way to be reassigned is to do a Room Swap. In this instance, no vacancy is required because the residents of the rooms involved agree to switch room assignments. For a Room Swap to occur, all students assigned in the participating rooms must give their consent to Resident Life staff.

Single Rooms

Single rooms in the residence halls are assigned based on the Priority Number system. Single rooms are claimed by returning residents through the Room Selection process each spring, in the order of their priority numbers. If a vacancy occurs in a single room during the year, the room will be offered to the next resident with the best priority for that single room.