Housing Availability
How much University housing is available?

Housing Overview There are about 9,500 beds in 37 residence halls. Most students, about 75% live in double rooms and have one roommate. About 13% of all beds are in triple or quad rooms, where students have two or three roommates. 12% of our inventory are singles (no roommate) and nearly all of those are selected by returning residence hall students through a seniority system. New-to-housing students may request assignments in traditional "dormitory-style" residence halls or in furnished, carpeted and air-conditioned apartments or suites.

In addition to these 9,500 beds, there are nearly 3,000 more beds in two University-affiliated undergraduate apartment communities: The Courtyards and South Campus Commons. Priority for leasing in these two communities is given to students who have been living in the residence halls. Separate application and leasing procedures apply; leasing occurs in February and March for August to August occupancy.

Who has priority for University Housing?

Highest priority for residence hall housing goes to entering first-time freshman students and students participating in the Freshmen Connection program who meet admission/housing deadlines. Students returning to the residence halls for their second academic year have the next highest priority. The Housing Commitments page outlines how housing space is allocated for students.

For more information, view the Fall Housing Outlook section.