Housing Availability
Housing Options and Assistance for LGBTQ Students

The Department of Resident Life is committed to making the residence halls a welcoming place where each person has a rightful place within the community. As such, Resident Life supports the academic and social success of all its residents. Within our diverse community of residence halls, Resident Life affirms that one's dignity and membership should be recognized and respected regardless of distinctions in identity. Any willful attempt to repress, undermine, or otherwise damage any person or group constitutes a legitimate threat to the health and welfare of our community. Such acts inherently contradict our goals. Therefore, discrimination, harassment, intimidation, abuse, assault, verbal or written threats (direct or implied) will be addressed immediately, and dealt with seriously.

Exploring Your Housing Needs

Are you a prospective student concerned about living on campus? Are you a current student who is transitioning and has special considerations regarding your on-campus housing? Resident Life responds to prospective and current student housing needs on a case-by-case basis. Given the importance Resident Life places on creating a rightful place for all residents, our staff works closely with students who bring different needs and wants to their residence hall experience. In many cases, we are able to make reasonable accommodations for needs students identify. Housing assignments are made on a case-by-case basis, recognizing the variability of individual needs and preferences and the fact that spaces may be limited. As with any student who applies for on-campus housing, we cannot guarantee that all preferences can be met. *Please also note: students are assigned to residence hall rooms based on the gender designation in their official University record (through the Office of the Registrar).

Resident Life has designated a staff member to answer your questions and to provide you with a personal and confidential assessment of our available campus housing options. Ms. Michelle McCubbin is available to speak with you regarding your specific needs and concerns. Please contact Michelle directly at (301) 314-9555 or via email at mmccubbi@umd.edu to understand options available to you. If you speak with Michelle, you choose what you want to disclose. Also, please keep in mind, the earlier Michelle can consider any questions or issues that you raise, the more flexibility we will have in assisting you with exploring different housing options. You can begin the discussion as early as when you submit your housing agreement.

As you think about your housing needs, you might consider:

  • As an incoming student, what is most important to me that would help me be comfortable with my housing experience?
  • What is important to me in a roommate?  Do I have someone specific that I want to live with?  How can I meet potential roommates?
  • Am I comfortable sharing a community bathroom versus having access to a private or semi-private bathroom?
  • As a transgender student, have I considered the gender designation of my housing options and how that relates to my gender designation with the University?
  • As an incoming student, how early will I feel comfortable discussing my housing needs with Resident Life?
  • As a current resident do I have questions about Room Selection and where I might choose to live next year?

Campus Housing Options

Students can choose among three gender options for their residence hall housing assignment:

  • Single Gender:  Rooms, floors, wings, semi-suites, suites, and apartments that are assigned by sex.  Students residing in these assignments share a bedroom and bathroom with students of the same sex or gender.
  • Mixed Gender:  Students live in a room with a student of the same sex or gender, but the room may be next to a room that is occupied by students of a different sex or gender.  On traditional hall floors, community bathrooms are designated as male or female.  Suite and apartment bathroom designations are determined by residents. Learn more information about Mixed Gender and Gender Inclusive Housing.
  • Gender Inclusive:  A housing option where students, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity, share the same bedroom.  Gender inclusive traditional hall rooms and semi-suites have a private bathroom.  Suite and apartment bathroom designations are determined by residents. Learn more information about Mixed Gender and Gender Inclusive Housing.

Resident Life offers these gender options in all of the different housing types on campus. Listed here are a range of options found across campus:

  • Traditional Hall Rooms with Community Bathrooms:  traditional residence halls have single, double, triple and quad rooms that are shared with other residents.  Residents in this type of housing share one large community bathroom with several toilet stalls, shower stalls, and sinks.  Most first year students live in traditional halls.
  • Suites and Apartments:  suites and apartments have several bedrooms (single, double, and a small number of triple rooms) in an individual unit, with a common room shared by all residents.  Most bathrooms in suites and apartments are single use bathrooms that are shared among all the residents in that unit.  Apartments have a kitchen in addition to the common room.  Most suites and apartments are occupied by second, third, and fourth year students.
  • Semi-Suites:  semi-suites have two adjoining double rooms and a shared bathroom.  In this type of housing, residents have access to a semi-private bathroom shared by no more than four students.  Most semi-suites are occupied for second and third year students.
  • Mixed-Gender Apartment Living in Campus Affiliated Apartment Communities:  our campus offers the ability for students who are eligible to live in our campus affiliated apartment communities (South Campus Commons and The Courtyards) to apply for a select number of mixed gender apartments in those communities. This program allows men and women to live within the same apartment.  This housing option is offered through an application process and is typically reserved for third and fourth year students. For more information about this option, please email pppleasing@umd.edu.

You know best what you need or desire in a campus living environment. We are happy to help you explore those needs within the housing options we have to offer, and encourage you to contact a Resident Life staff member as early as possible so we have the greatest flexibility in considering your preferences.

Support in the Residence Halls

Should you or someone you know feel they need assistance while living in the residence halls, contact your Resident Assistant or Resident Director. Our staff has been trained to respond to a wide range of needs and concerns. View a complete list of our staff to contact them with any questions.

Support and Resources

There are resources on campus to help you address your concerns, answer your questions, or to find a space to discuss your needs. We invite you to make use of these resources and we encourage you to contact any of these offices for assistance.

Department of Resident Life Point of Contact
A resource for exploring your campus housing needs and concerns
Michelle McCubbin
1102 Annapolis Hall
Email: mmccubbi@umd.edu
Phone: (301) 314-9555

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Equity Center
A general resource for campus LGBT Issues
Luke Jensen, Director
Shige Sakurai , Associate Director
2218 Marie Mount Hall
Email: lgbt@umd.edu
Phone: (301) 405-8720
Web: http://lgbt.umd.edu
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lgbtequity

Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA)
A resource for student organizations, student leaders, and student involvement in diversity
1120 Stamp Student Union
Phone: (301) 314-8600
Email: MICA-contact@umd.edu
Web: http://www.thestamp.umd.edu/diversity/lgbt/