Housing Accommodations The Department of Resident Life (DRL) is committed to providing the appropriate housing accommodations for students with disabilities. To provide students with a consistent standard of care, the University Counseling Center’s Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS) office manages all disability accommodation requests utilizing university best practices when evaluating and finalizing accommodation requests.

Students who request any type of disability related housing accommodation are required to register with Accessibility and Disability Services, and begin the interactive process to determine the specific accommodation(s) needed. Examples of housing accommodations may include the need for air-conditioned housing, single room requests, access to a single-use or private bathroom, need for a kitchen-equipped apartment, a mobility-accessible room or an assistance/emotional support animal, to name a few.

Once ADS reviews the documentation, interviews the student and determines the necessary accommodation(s), they will notify Resident Life staff who will then work to find an appropriate housing assignment.

We strongly encourage students to begin the interactive process as soon as possible upon their application for residence hall housing. To best accommodate students, the priority consideration date for registering with Accessibility and Disability Services is May 15. This date allows time for the interactive process to take place in advance of staff finalizing housing assignments for new students.

We understand that students and families will have questions. We offer some FAQs to provide you with more information and to help address initial questions. As always, we are here to help, so please reach out to us at reslife@umd.edu or call our office at (301) 314-2100 Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to register with ADS?

ADS serves as the campus gateway for all disability accommodation requests. All students who request academic accommodations (alternate forms of class materials, classroom accommodations, registration course load and testing accommodations) go through ADS. The professional staff in ADS are best equipped to determine whether a disability requires a housing accommodation and the specific nature of the housing accommodation needed. This partnership best serves students and families.

When should I register with ADS and begin the interactive process?

ADS is anticipating to be prepared to accept registration and documentation from students for 2022-2023 approximately mid-to-late March

We strongly encourage students to begin this process as soon as possible after ADS begins to accept requests. Since documentation is required and ADS engages in an interactive process to determine the specific needs and appropriate accommodations, the sooner this process begins, the earlier DRL can work to assign the student to an appropriate accommodation. While there is no deadline, the May 15 priority consideration date allows time for the interactive process to begin before DRL begins to assign new students and meet the mid-July assignments release to all new residents.

If I register with ADS, I am guaranteed an accommodation?

ADS will make the determination of accommodations based upon the disability documentation provided and information gathered through the student interview process. In some cases, if a condition does not qualify as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the accommodation request may be denied.

What if I just need air-conditioned housing?

Not all residence halls at the University of Maryland have air-conditioning, so some students will be assigned to spaces in these non-air-conditioned halls. In order for us to understand who must be assigned to air-conditioned halls rather than those who want to be assigned to air-conditioned halls, ADS will help us make these determinations based upon disability accommodation standards. In the event that a student does not meet the ADS standard for an accommodation for air-conditioned housing, DRL will consider this request on a space-available basis.

How do accommodations impact my housing fees?

Students are not charged for any approved disability accommodations. Accommodations granted for a disability will result in students being assigned to a space and only being charged for the predominant rate in that particular style of housing. For example, if a student needs a single room to accommodate their disability, they would only be charged the double room rate in that particular style of housing. If a student requires an in-room bath, they would pay the rate for a similar style of room without the bath. Due to the wide variety of room rates and styles, DRL would make adjustments accordingly based on the accommodation and the style of housing.

How often do I need to register for an accommodation through ADS?

After the initial registration and interactive process, the student would not need to go through this process unless their circumstances changed and additional accommodations were being requested. Since returning students select their own spaces at our Room Selection process, students should be mindful of their needs and select room spaces that would meet their accommodation needs. DRL would continue to work with students if they need assistance in securing housing.

What if my circumstances change and I need an accommodation after I move-in?

DRL will work with ADS at any point in the accommodation process. While it is best to register by the priority consideration date of May 15, requests made after that day are still accepted. Once a student moves into the residence halls, the ability to provide an accommodation becomes more challenging due to the limited vacancies that are usually available in our residence halls during the semester. While every effort will be made to accommodate the student, there could be some delay in securing the specific accommodation depending on the availability of spaces in residence halls.

Can I appeal if my accommodation request is denied?

ADS decisions are final as it relates to housing accommodations. If a student wishes to appeal the decision they would first discuss their concern with an ADS staff member. (Disability Specialist). If it is unresolved at this level, students would request to meet with the ADS Director.

If the student still is not satisfied with the decision, they would file a formal written complaint to the campus ADA/504 Coordinator.

What is the process and/or timeline for attaining an accommodation after the semester has begun?

Once a student is assigned and checked in, any accommodation requests submitted subsequently will be evaluated as soon as possible. However, since the priority consideration deadline is May 15 (December 1 for spring semester admits), ADS and DRL will make every effort to accommodate the student request as soon as practicable, and as soon as it is determined that a space becomes available in that specific type of accommodation, or when a suitable opportunity to relocate another student out of that specific type of accommodation becomes available.