Housing Availability
Graduate Students
Is there housing for graduate students in Maryland's residence halls?

Priority for housing in the university-owned residence halls residence hall housing is given to full-time undergraduate students. Graduate students at the University of Maryland can request residence hall housing. However, there are no facilities within the residence halls exclusively for graduate students or for spouses, partners, or family members of students.

Availability of residence hall space is very limited for graduate students. All requests are initially placed on a waiting list. If space becomes available, graduate students are moved off the waiting list and assigned a room and roommate. Periodic updates on waitlist status via email.

What legal obligations do students accept by asking for housing in the university-owned residence halls?

The University's Housing and Dining housing and meals agreement Agreement is legally binding upon its receipt by the Department of Resident Life. No returning residence hall student should submit the Agreement housing and meals agreement without being prepared to accept and pay for housing and dining meal services or without having read its terms and conditions. Submitting the Agreement housing and meals agreement does not guarantee that a residence hall assignment can be made by the start of classes in any given semester.

What other housing options are close to the University of Maryland campus?

There are two graduate student apartment communities adjacent to the main UMD campus. Graduate Gardens and Graduate Hills apartments are located on University property and are managed by a property management company, Southern Management Corporation. A separate application and leasing process applies for these apartment communities.

Information about additional housing options in nearby communities is available from the University's Off-Campus Housing Services. Visit the Off-Campus Housing Services office website for resources, information, and online tools; including the off-campus housing database to search for housing in the greater College Park area. Additionally, the UMD Graduate Student Life office also offers a wide range of resources for graduate students.