Housing Availability
First-Time Freshman Students
Are freshmen guaranteed the opportunity to live in residence halls?

Residence hall housing for fall will be guaranteed for all first-time freshman students who, upon being notified by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions of their acceptance, submit their enrollment confirmations and housing and meal requests by May 1 (latest postmark) or within 30 days of the date of any later notification of acceptance. Official written housing confirmations are mailed within two weeks of such submissions. Actual room and roommate assignments are chosen and communicated via web posting about three to four weeks before move-in day in late August.

Under what conditions is this housing not guaranteed?

First-time freshman students who submit their enrollment confirmations and/or housing and meal requests for fall after their May 1 deadline, regardless of their admission status, are not guaranteed residence hall housing by the start of classes. These students have their names added to any existing waiting list for residence hall housing and are assigned to rooms when their turn is reached on that list. Please review our Housing Commitments policy for more information.

Read more information about housing for New Freshman students in the spring.

What legal obligations do students accept by asking for residence hall housing?

The University's housing and meals agreement is legally binding upon its receipt by the Department of Resident Life. No student should submit the housing and meals agreement without being prepared to accept and pay for housing and meal services or without having read its terms and conditions. Submitting the housing and meals agreement does not guarantee that a residence hall assignment can be made by the start of classes in any given semester.