Leasing at The Courtyards &
South Campus Commons
Mixed Gender Apartment Living in SCC & CTY

Mixed Gender Housing in South Campus Commons and The Courtyards Image South Campus Commons and The Courtyards were the first campus housing communities to offer a mixed gender living option to students. Interested students can select from 2 or 4 bedroom units in either community for the 2021-2022 leasing year.

Who is eligible?

Priority for selecting spaces among new Mixed Gender applicant groups will first go to current South Campus Commons and Courtyards residents who are eligible to renew their leases, followed by students currently living in on-campus residence halls who will enter their third or fourth year in college in the upcoming Fall semester (“rising juniors”). Students who are not in one of those 2 groups are not eligible to be a part of a Mixed Gender applicant group.

Please note that selecting the Mixed Gender option in SCC/CTY does not guarantee a space in a mixed gender unit. The likelihood of your applicant group obtaining a mixed gender unit depends upon 1) the number of current residents of Mixed Gender apartment residents who will renew their leases for the 2021-2022 lease year and 2) the number of new eligible groups who apply for mixed gender units in SCC/CTY.

How can I learn more about this Housing Option?

Students are welcome (but not required) to attend Information Sessions for South Campus Commons and The Courtyards. Mixed Gender Option information will be included in all South Campus Commons/Courtyards Information Sessions.

How do you apply?

New applicant groups to the Mixed Gender Apartment Option in Commons and Courtyards must apply as a group of 2 or 4 eligible students (all Mixed Gender units are 2 or 4 bedroom units). Students interested in the Mixed gender option must submit an application by the February 8, 2021 application deadline.

Each person in the group must submit an individual Commons/Courtyards Leasing Application. Residents who select this option should understand and be prepared to meet the following expectations:

  • All group members must have a confirmed group and complete appropriate forms by February 8, 2021.
  • All group members must complete the 2021-2022 Commons/Courtyards Leasing application by February 8, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Apartment Selection information will be sent to all approved groups.

Before you decide if this housing option might be a good option for you, ask yourself the following questions and discuss with your parents/family

  1. Do I want to live in an apartment with students of different genders?
  2. Are my parents/lease guarantor aware and supportive of my interest in living in an apartment with students of different genders?
  3. Can I make the commitment now to remain in the apartment for the entirety of the 2021-2022 leasing period (all apartments are 11.5 month leases)?
  4. If a vacancy were to occur in the apartment during the year, would I feel comfortable living with someone of a different gender whom I did not know?*

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, this housing option may not be the best for you.

*Although students will apply for this housing option with the expectation of remaining in the apartment for the entire leasing year, unexpected situations may arise which may cause a vacancy to occur. Although leasing staff will work with apartment-mates to find an eligible pull-in when possible, SCC/CTY management reserves the right to assign a new occupant of any gender to vacancies that occur within these apartment units.

If I select the Mixed Gender option and do not sign a lease with a Mixed Gender group, can I still try to lease a single gender unit?

Yes. Because all Mixed Gender option applicants must also complete the general 2021-2022 Leasing application, they will be eligible to participate in Open Leasing for single gender spaces if they do not sign a lease for a mixed gender space. The Mixed Gender Apartment Leasing process will take place in late February or early March, so applicants will know if their group has secured a Mixed Gender apartment well before the Open Leasing appointments for single gender units occur March 22, 23, and 24.