Leasing at The Courtyards and
South Campus Commons
Questions about Estimated Vacancies
How many bed spaces will be available at The Courtyards and South Campus Commons for the 2019-2020 lease year?

Based on preliminary data, we believe approximately 1200 spaces for new residents may be available between the two apartment communities for the upcoming lease year. Students who complete the leasing application for Commons and Courtyards will receive updated projections on our anticipated vacancies in late February and throughout March.

Next year will be my third year in college and third year living on campus. When will I know if my friends and I can get leases at The Courtyards or South Campus Commons?

Rising third-year students (“Rising Juniors”) in residence halls who meet the appropriate deadlines will have opportunities to lease at two times: (1) late February – early March if you are being pulled into a Courtyards or South Campus Commons apartment by a current, eligible Commons or Courtyards resident who is renewing his/her lease for the 2019-2020 leasing year AND you meet the pull-in deadline of February 7th, or (2) at Open Leasing meetings March 25-28th (for all remaining spaces) if you meet the March 8th leasing application deadline.

Please note, having a lease appointment scheduled does not guarantee you a space. Once you have a signed lease after your leasing appointment, the room is yours.

Next year will be my fourth year of college and I am living in residence halls Spring 2019. Do I have any chance of getting a space at South Campus Commons or The Courtyards?

Rising fourth-year students (“Rising Seniors) in residence halls will have an opportunity to lease spaces after rising third-year students (“Rising Juniors” have had an opportunity). In recent years, we have had spaces still available by the time we reached students in the 2nd Priority Group (On-Campus Rising Seniors). However, each leasing year is different and there have also been years when the vast majority of spaces (especially those units with multiple vacancies) have been filled by the time we reached students in the 2nd Priority group. We always encourage you to attend your appointment time to see what is available.

Should an on-campus rising second-year student or off campus student still submit a lease application for South Campus Commons and/or The Courtyards?

Yes! If you are interested in living in either apartment community for the 2019-2020 year, you are definitely encouraged to submit an online lease application by the March 8th deadline. If, for some reason, you are not able to select from available spaces during Open Leasing, you will be able to register for the SCC and/or CTY Waitlists. Sometimes in the late spring and summer, through lease terminations and re-leasing, we are occasionally able to place students from the SCC/CTY waitlist into apartments at South Campus Commons and The Courtyards. In recent years there have been spaces available for all groups to choose from.