Leasing at The Courtyards and
South Campus Commons
Questions about Cost and Installment Payments
How much does it cost to live in South Campus Commons or the Courtyards?

Below are the current installment rates for 2019-2020.

South Campus Commons
Unit Full-year Installment Payment
4-bed/2-bath $11,220 $935
3-bed/2-bath $11,724 $977
2-bed/2-bath $12,828 $1,069
1-bed/1-bath $15,408   $1,284
Studio $15,240 $1,270

Unit Lease Cost Installment Payment
2-bed/2-bath Quad $8,700 $725
4-bed/2-bath $9,456 $788
4-bed/4-bath $10,344 $862
2-bed/2-bath Standard $11,508   $959
2-bed/2-bath Deluxe $11,904 $992

How do Installment Payments to South Campus Commons and The Courtyards work? Can I use my financial aid to pay my installment payments?

Installment payments for South Campus Commons and The Courtyards are not charged to a student’s University account the way traditional on campus housing/room and meal plans/board are. There is an installment payment due to Capstone On-Campus Management on the first of each month. The installment is paid by the student directly to the management company through a check, debit/credit card or account transfer.

If you have loans, grants or scholarships as part of your financial aid package that have gone toward your room and board payments in the past, generally speaking, you can use those toward the cost of your installment payments to Commons or Courtyards. You should speak with a financial aid counselor to discuss the specifics of your aid package to ensure it can be applied to South Campus Commons or The Courtyards—most types of aid can be, but some cannot.

If you are being listed as a pull-in by a current SCC/CTY resident who is renewing their lease, applications for the 2019-2020 lease year must be completed and submitted on-line prior to 3:59pm EST on February 7, 2019 (lease renewal forms are due at this time, and a renewing resident cannot list a student as a pull in if that student does not have a leasing application on file).

Here is an example of how student may typically use financial aid to cover their installment payments: The amount of the scholarship/loan/grant is disbursed into the student’s university account, then any charges on the student account, such as tuition and fees, are deducted from the amount of the loan/award/grant. In the case of Commons and Courtyards, no housing fees would be on the student account, as installment payments are made directly from the student to Capstone on Campus Management, who manages Commons and Courtyards. As no room charges would be on the account, there would be a positive balance on the student account. The student would request a refund check from the bursar and then use that money to pay their installment payments to Capstone. You should also keep in mind that most financial aid packages are disbursed in mid-to-late August and Mid-to-late January. Your first rental installment would be due August 1st and you will have a payment due on January 1st, so you should have a plan to cover that first month’s rental payment, January payment, and summer month payments.

Who should checks be written out to for the leasing night and installment payments?

This will depend on which apartment community you are able to sign a lease with at your leasing appointment. Once you sign a lease, you will write the two checks out to that particular community. Checks for SCC should be made out to “South Campus Commons” and checks for CTY should be made out to “The Courtyards”. We recommend waiting to fill out your checks until your leasing appointment, as your community preference may end up changing based on apartment availability.

Please keep in mind all financial matters are managed by the Capstone Management staff, not through the University student account.