Leasing at The Courtyards and
South Campus Commons
Questions about the Leasing Process
Am I required to sign a full year’s lease?

Yes. Leases at South Campus Commons and The Courtyards begin mid to late August. Both leases are for an 11.25-month period ending in late July of each year, with a multi-week transition time at the end of your final lease month and with payments divided into 12 installment payments Students wishing to secure early termination of their lease prior to the end of the lease term must work directly with Capstone on Campus Management leasing staff and are required to find an approved and eligible student from the waitlist to assume the responsibility for the remaining portion of the lease. This process, called re-leasing, applies to students who study abroad, withdraw from the University, graduate, who are terminated from housing, are no longer eligible for residence at South Campus Commons and The Courtyards, and those who wish to leave the lease for any reason prior to the end of the lease term.

When are lease applications due?

The lease applications will be available on-line at the Department of Resident Life website starting on November 14th, 2019. There are different application deadlines depending on your situation:

If you are being listed as a pull-in by a current SCC/CTY resident who is renewing their lease, applications for the 2020-2021 lease year must be completed and submitted on-line prior to 11:59pm EST on February 1, 2020 (lease renewal forms are due at this time, and a renewing resident cannot list a student as a pull in if that student does not have a leasing application on file).

The deadline to participate in the Open Leasing process at the end of March is on March 1st, 2020 at 11:59PM EST.

Applications submitted between 12:00AM March 2ndh and 11:59PM March 24th will be considered “late” and those students will lose their priority and be placed in the last priority group for Open Leasing behind off campus student applicants.

Any applications submitted after 11:59PM on March 24th will not be eligible to participate in the Open Leasing process.

What happens after I submit my lease application?

Beginning in March, applications will be reviewed for eligibility and approval status. By the evening of Friday, March 13th, all eligible applicants will receive notice of their leasing number and leasing appointment date and time for the Open Leasing meetings. Open leasing appointments will be on either March 23rd, 24th, or 26th depending upon your assigned leasing number.

Students who are not eligible for leasing will also receive notification of that fact, along with an update on their application status. Students may be told they are ineligible to attend the Open Leasing meetings due to having a financial block, not being a registered student, etc. Prior to March and through the Open Leasing periods, please be sure you are in good standing with the University if you intend on participating in Open Leasing.

What exactly happens at a leasing appointment? If I’m assigned a leasing appointment does it mean that I’m guaranteed a space?

Being assigned a leasing appointment time does not mean that you are guaranteed a space in Commons or Courtyards. A leasing appointment offers you the opportunity to attend a leasing meeting to see what apartment spaces are available at that time. Leasing appointment times are based on leasing numbers (akin to a Resident Life priority number; see below for an explanation of leasing numbers). As students with better (i.e. lower) leasing numbers attend their leasing appointments and sign leases for particular spaces with their eligible pull-ins, the number and types of available apartment spaces will be reduced. Remember, submitting a lease application and accepting a leasing appointment time also does not obligate you to sign a lease. However, if you choose to accept an apartment space during your leasing appointment you will be required to sign a lease at that meeting.

How are apartments assigned at South Campus Commons and the Courtyards?

We do not assign spaces at either SCC or CTY. Eligible students will select their bedroom space for the 2020-2021 academic year as 1) a current resident who is eligible to return for another year, 2) as a pull-in with a returning resident, or 3) as a new to SCC/CTY applicant at an open leasing meeting appointment.

Eligible students who apply by 11:59pm on March 1st, 2020 will be able to view their leasing numbers in MyDRL by the evening of March 13th. Students will use these leasing numbers at the open leasing meetings. Leasing Numbers will be assigned based on priority points earned in the residence halls. Students earn priority points on the following basis:

  • 2 points for every consecutive semester that you have lived in UM residence halls
  • 2 points for every consecutive semester that you have been enrolled at UM
  • 1 point for every 12 credits that transfer to UM from another college or university and show on your UM transcript. (NOTE: Advanced Placement and summer/winter session credits do not count)
  • 2 points forfeited for each sanction of Administrative Housing Probation.

Within each priority grouping (i.e. rising third-year students first, then rising fourth-year students, then rising second-year students, then off campus students) students with more priority points will choose spaces ahead of students with fewer priority points. Many students within any given priority group will have the same number of points (e.g. hundreds of students in the rising third-year group will have 16 priority points). Ties are broken within each point total through the random assignment of leasing numbers to all the students that have that priority point total.

A group of students within the same priority group who are interested in sharing an apartment should attend the leasing appointment of the person with the best (i.e. lowest) leasing number in their group. The ability of a group of students to secure an apartment together will depend on the availability of units after current South Campus Commons and The Courtyards students complete the lease renewal process.

What do I need to bring to my Leasing Appointment?

You will need to bring 3 items (and know one piece of information) with you to your Leasing Appointment:

  1. Check or money order for $300 (Lease Reservation)
  2. Check or money order for $25 (application fee)
  3. A photo ID
  4. You must know your Social Security Number (you do not need your SS Card). Passport numbers are acceptable for International Students.

All three items must accompany the student at their designated leasing appointment. The “Payable to” field on the check should be left blank until the time that a student signs a lease, as the “Payable to” name will be different for leases in South Campus Commons and The Courtyards. If you do not have the checks at the time of your leasing appointment, you will not be permitted to enter Open Leasing or sign a lease. Credit Card payments and cash are not accepted for the lease reservation and lease application fees.

The management and leasing offices at South Campus Commons and The Courtyards should not receive leasing appointment paperwork and/or monies in the mail or in person outside of a scheduled leasing appointment. Any paperwork and/or monies received will be returned to sender.

You will only turn in the checks/money orders if you actually choose a space and sign a lease. No money or checks will be collected if you do not sign a lease.

Can I use cash or a credit card to pay the Lease application and reservation fees?

No. The lease reservation and lease application fee must be made using 2 separate personal checks, certified checks, cashier’s checks or money orders. Cash and credit cards are not accepted for these fees. Students who do not have the 2 appropriate checks at the time of their leasing appointment will not be permitted to attend the leasing appointment or sign a lease.

What should I do if I have a leasing appointment and am unable to attend it due to a class conflict or a study abroad experience?

Students who have a leasing appointment and are unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict may assign a proxy to act on their behalf at the leasing appointment. The proxy must be present at the assigned leasing appointment time and must bring with them the following:

  1. Check or money order for $25 (application fee)
  2. Check or money order for $300 (Lease Reservation Fee)
  3. Printed and Signed Proxy form
  4. Proxy’s Photo ID

Proxy forms can be obtained Proxy forms can be obtained by logging into StarRez with your Directory ID and password. Students with leasing appointments must complete the form by entering in their proxy’s information (including proxy’s email address). Once the form is submitted, the proxy will be sent a confirmation via email. S/he should print and sign the proxy conformation email, and bring it with them along with the additional aforementioned items to the leasing appointment. A lease will not be signed if the proxy does not come with all required items. You will be required to schedule a follow up appointment with the Leasing Office by April 15, 2020. You must sign your own lease by July 1, 2020.

Can I apply to live at both apartment communities?

Yes. There is only one leasing application and it is automatically applicable for both South Campus Commons and The Courtyards. There is no cost to submit an application. The $25 application fee will only be paid during your leasing appointment, at the time you have selected a space and are completing the leasing process.

If I sign a lease, how long can I live at SCC or CTY?

As long as residents are in good standing as Undergraduate students at the University, they are able to renew their leases through their fourth year of Undergraduate study. A student’s ability to renew their lease for their fifth year of Undergraduate study is determined on an annual basis.

What if I sign a lease for 2020-2021, but later change my mind or my circumstances change and I want to cancel the lease?

It is your responsibility to find an eligible, approved person to take over your lease through Capstone and Resident Life’s re-leasing process utilizing the South Campus Commons/Courtyards waiting lists, and you will be responsible for paying a $100 lease transfer fee. You will not be able to just transfer your lease to whomever you choose.

If I am not able to secure a lease at either SCC or CTY, will I automatically be placed on the Waitlist? How does the Waitlist actually work?

After the Open Leasing process is finished in late March, all applicants who did not sign a lease will have the opportunity to place themselves on the waitlist so that they me be contacted to any lease holder who must find a person to whom they can re-lease

Please know that after Open Leasing, leases only become available due to the formal transfer of leases from a resident to another eligible and approved applicant. There are no guarantees of lease offers to any group.