Leasing at The Courtyards and
South Campus Commons
Questions about the Apartment Communities
What are South Campus Commons and The Courtyards?

They are two privately-managed student apartment communities built in through public/private partnerships with the University of Maryland.

Where are the communities located?

South Campus Commons is located adjacent to the South Campus residence halls at the southern edge of the campus.

The Courtyards is located at 8000 Boteler Lane near the intersection of University Boulevard and Metzerott Road, near the Xfinity Center and less than one mile from the center of campus. The Courtyards is served by daytime and evening Shuttle-UM routes.

How many students live at SCC and CTY?

Built in 2001-2004, the first six South Campus Commons buildings house 1,825 students in mid-rise apartment buildings. In Spring 2010, we opened South Campus Commons building 7, making the total number of residents in the South Campus Commons 2,178 students.

Built in 2000, The Courtyards houses 732 students in seven garden-style apartment buildings. This community also has a clubhouse, fitness facilities, outdoor pool and its own parking lots for residents and their visitors.

How many students share an apartment?

At South Campus Commons most apartments are 4 bedroom/2 bathroom units. There are some 2 bedroom/2 bathroom units, and a limited number of three bedroom and efficiency units. All bedrooms are singles (no sharing with a roommate).

At The Courtyards, students can select from 4 bedroom/4 bathroom units, 4 bedroom/2 bathroom units, 2 bedroom/2 bathroom standard units, and 2-bedroom/2-bathroom deluxe. In addition, there are 2-bedroom/2 bath quad apartments that house 4 students (2 students per bedroom).

Are the bedrooms singles or doubles?

All bedrooms in South Campus Commons are single bedrooms

The majority of bedrooms at the Courtyards are single bedrooms in our 4-bed/2-bath, 4-bed/4-bath, and 2-bed/2-bath standard apartments. However, there are a limited number of 2-bed/2-bath quad units, where each bedroom houses two residents. If you chose to live in a 2-bed/2-bath quad, you would share a bedroom with one other person.

Are these Apartments furnished?

Yes. All units in South Campus Commons and the Courtyards are furnished with a standard furniture package.

All bedrooms include a full size bed and mattress (with the exception of Courtyards Quad 2 bedroom units, which have 2 twin sized bunk beds in each bedroom).

Are these apartment communities considered on-campus housing?

While both apartment communities offer many of the same services and amenities found in the campus residence halls, both properties are managed through a public-private partnership between Capstone On-Campus Management and the University and, therefore, are not considered University-owned on-campus residence halls. Students who move to either the Courtyards or South Campus Commons relinquish all earned priority as returning campus residence hall students. Any student wanting to return to the Residence Halls from South Campus Commons would be placed on the Residence Hall waiting list as an off-campus student.