Welcome to Housing at Maryland
Valronica Scales - Director of Resident Life

I am very pleased to welcome you to our residence hall community! Our campus is a wonderful place of learning, discovery and engagement and our residence halls provide you with the opportunity to extend those experiences beyond the classroom into your home away from home on campus. Making a personal investment in the campus and getting involved in your community can be a deeply rewarding experience and I urge you to embrace the opportunity to do so at UMD.

You will have a lot of support. We’ve got a team of professional and student staff who will work hard every day to make your experience safe, productive, and enjoyable. They will be a great resource for addressing any problems or concerns you face during your time on campus. They will play a critical role in helping you connect with other students who share your interests and also helping you meet students who come from completely different backgrounds. Our staff cares deeply about your success here and we’ve got your back!

You are joining a diverse group of talented peers from across the country and around the world in our halls. These individuals will become your friends and classmates. You will both learn from each other and teach each other. I encourage you to make it a habit to regularly extend yourself to say hello and introduce yourself to the people you meet along the way. The rewards of doing this will be great and will very likely lead to lasting memories and life-long friendships. We are at a unique time in our history as a country and as a university. We’ve learned in these last months just how much we need each other. We need each other for support, friendship, and renewal. Speaking generationally, I can confidently say that our campus needs and values the energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, and curiosity that you and your classmates will bring to the University of Maryland. More so than ever, the work that you will do in your four years here will matter a great deal to our institution and frankly, to our world.

Can't wait for residents to return for the new academic year


Valronica Scales
Director of Resident Life