Residence Halls
Virtual Tour of our Residence Hall Rooms
Virtual Tour of our Residence Hall Rooms

Take a virtual tour and panoramic view of a double, apartment, quad, and semi-suite residence hall room at the University of Maryland. Additional tours coming soon.

Please Note
Some tours offer additional angles of the room, click on the square button located in the bottom left corner of the navigation menu to view this option.

Virtual Tour of our Residence Hall Rooms

Double Rooms

Please Note
To help prevent mold and mildew, it is imperative that residents keep furniture and personal belongings at least 12” (1 floor tile) away from the front, top, and sides of the heating/air conditioning units in rooms. Blocking the unit prevents it from circulating air in the room and heating or cooling your room effectively.

Some of these images may show furniture that needed to be repositioned to better accommodate air flow to the room. Staff will remind students of the importance of arranging their furniture for optimal airflow.






Quad Room