7th Annual
Greenfest at the University of Maryland

Thursday, April 18
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Denton Community Quad
(In front of 251 North)


GreenFest is an exciting, educational event focused around wellness and sustainability.

At the event, organizations set up interactive booths to inform residents about their group, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events. This event teaches residents about living sustainably, health and wellness, and environmentally-conscious practices.

Live Music

Food & Drinks

Activities & Prizes

Upcycling Crafts

Over 30 Exhibitors

Free Clothing Swap


“I liked that the free food was healthy and I liked the plant your own plant station with LEAF Outreach. When I ran the Sort-It-Out board station, residents really liked the activity and the OZZI coins."”

“The Green Squad Challenge gears us up for the GreenFest and I’m looking forward to the raffle!".”

“I always learn so much from Greenfest; it's one of the best events to learn about sustainability and keeping our campus and planet beautiful.”


For more information about Greenfest, please email